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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the Nurses and Midwives Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall focus on the practice of (CPD) continuing professional development, the benefits of the CPD practice, activities under the Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and finally the conclusion.

(CPD) Continuing Professional Development includes all the activities, experiences, and processes that will contribute to the development of the nursing and midwife profession.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for the Nurses and Midwives Essay Sample 

It is very vital to be engaged with the CPD for the nurses as they can easily acquire new knowledge and competence to practice in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

CPD is important for the nurses to provide safe quality delivery of care services to the patients by improving their professional standards.

Continuing education is a lifelong earning process that is part of CPD. It consists of planned learning experiences designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of midwives and nurses.

It also enhances their practice, research, and education which helps them to achieve any level of professional competency.

There are activities like journal clubs, reflective practice, case conferences, workshops, clinical supervision, e-learning, and distance learning that can contribute to the professional development of the nurse or midwives.

Office of Nursing and Midwifery Services Director provides a person with a range of options and resources to help with continuing professional development. It is an important criterion for delivering safe and quality care services for benefitting the service users.

There are programs that can meet the short and long-term goals for maintaining the practice of the nursing profession and furthering the career in the right direction.

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Benefits of Continuing Professional Development for Nurses and Midwives

  • Continuing Professional Development and Education assist the nursing practitioners and other professionals to get new knowledge and skills to be restored and reinforced. It helps in the improvement in patient care and delivery of care services.
  • CPD and CPE help in learning new skills which can be transferred to their working environment. Newly acquired skills and knowledge can improve confidence level, communication skills, and patient management. It makes them more aware of the needs of the patient and makes the practice evidence-based and research-oriented within the clinical area.
  • Organizations may focus on the short-term development of skills to fill the shortage of staff at the expense of lifelong learning. While the individuals can focus on their personal development with the goal of achieving competence. CPD helps in prioritizing the midwives and nurses to develop their skills in relation to clinical care, specialist nursing, change of roles, research, etc.
  • It helps the staff to develop the strategy to support professional autonomy ensuring opportunities for negotiation and clarifying the roles and responsibilities. It has improved performance appraisal, quality of supervision, and learning opportunities within the workplace.
  • CPD and education have focused on the need for the implementation of competency-based approaches to training, development, and education. It helps in developing further on the job and innovative learning delivery methods.

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Activities in Continuing Professional Development

We will mention some of the main activities that are part of the CPD’s continuing professional development practice. Some of the activities are:-

  • Work-based learning (practical learning experience).
  • Taking up the third level education providers or authorities.
  • Participation in the management activities of staff selection, recruitment, service planning, review of performance, policy development, etc.
  • Visit the other centers to compare practices and learn from the other professionals about the new techniques, practices, or projects.
  • Following up on an identified gap in knowledge by undertaking a literature review to inform the implementation of the new practice.
  • Small scale research, project work, poster presentations, writing articles for publications.
  • Attending the short courses, conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  • Risk assessment of management practice.


Continuing Professional Development is a lifelong learning process that has gained high popularity and recognition. It can be used for meeting the health needs, delivering service needs, and learning needs of healthcare professionals.

Professional competency, lifelong learning, career choice, job satisfaction, and professional portfolio development are key elements of CPD.

Though the nurses and midwives encounter difficulties in getting easy access to CPD as they may be restricted to the traditional method which is concerned with the performance of the functional tasks.

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The above essay sample is based on the continuing professional development of midwives and nurses.

Nursing Studies QQI Level 5, Healthcare QQI Level 5, Nursing and Midwifery QQI Level 5, Careskills QQI Level 5, Wellbeing QQI Level 5, Introduction to Nursing FETAC Level 5students can read this above-written essay sample to understand the CPD for nurses and midwives.

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