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Critical Operation Management (OM) Decisions Essay Sample Ireland

In the following essay sample, we shall focus on and discuss the critical operation management decisions which are written specifically for the Irish business and management students. Any critical operation of the management decisions can enable any company/organization to get flexible in its processes and to face any financial crisis in the future.

There are around ten decision areas of operations management in all the activities of the business. The areas of decision address the various activities of the business that may contribute to the success of the organization.

Critical Operations Management Decisions Essay

We shall in this particular essay writing sample discuss the areas where such critical operations management decision needs to be undertaken and by addressing areas of operations management effective operations can fulfill the objective of profitability.

Decision Areas of Critical Operations Management 

These decision areas where the critical operations management needs to be taken up are the design of the goods and services, quality of management, quality process and capacity design, location strategy, layout design and strategy, human resources and job design, supply chain management, the inventory management, scheduling, and the maintenance.

Design of the Goods and Services 

The design of the product or goods or service involves the different teams of the company for the various products of the company and the decision area of operations management is being applied. Such an application of the decision area of operations management is based upon market research, the latest trends in the market, and forecasting.

The goods and services need to be designed in such a way so that the consistency of the cost can be implemented and the quality of the resources be implemented all across the business divisions.

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Quality Management 

The quality management decision area is applied through testing, innovation, and debugging which are the specific facilities to ensure that the products have minimum errors or any bugs in the system when it is released into the market. There is an assurance of the quality of the products through testing of the products or services in the production and using extensive market research to analyze and meet the expectations of the customer’s needs.

Process and Capacity Design 

There are design strategies that can support the production of the products and services by using technology and resources. In such a scenario a stream map is considered very efficient for the smooth functioning of operations.

The companies that are dealing in the web-based and the software products in this capacity design are addressed at the place through any standardized conventional processes in the software development. They can apply the process and the capacity design with the help of contract manufacturing.

Location Strategy 

In the case of any internet or online-based distribution, this decision area of operations management is of the least important as the goods or products are distributed over the internet.

For the development of location strategy, one must consider the supply chain and method or way to receive the supplies. It may also include the mobility or movement of goods and services internally and to the customers where public relations and marketing play an important role in the choice of the location.

Layout Design and Strategy 

For the development of an effective,  innovative and creative work environment the company must be designed with the facilities and proper workflows. It can include efficient and integrated workflows with creative ideas which is both a combination of creativity and efficiency. The placement of the materials, equipment, desks, and their usage are to be considered in this decision area of operations management.

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Human Resources and Job Design

This decision area includes the implementation of continuous improvement programs with regular reviews that provides continuous training for employees and also employee satisfaction programs to achieve success in the area. It puts an emphasis and focuses on the efficiency and excellence of the employees with a preferably high productive level of employees. The companies also provide a high amount of salaries and high incentives to such highly productive employees at work.

Supply Chain Management 

In this decision area of operations management, the company can analyze the records of inventory to predict the demand and inform the suppliers and original equipment manufacturers. An advanced information system can be used for the management of the supply chain. It determines the best strategies for cost-effectiveness and development partners.

Inventory Management 

In the inventory management area of decision, the different types of inventory can meet the needs of the various businesses. The Company can use automation technology to monitor and control the inventory.

The different markets come up with different types of challenges when it comes to inventory and they need to plan and strategize the inventory control. Many factors such as the shortage of supplies, unfavorable weather conditions, and labor can all influence the inventory of the organization.


In the decision area of scheduling of the operations management, there can be an automation process for checking and monitoring the very performance and productivity level of the employees. The scheduling can be applied according to the changes in the availability of the employees.


The company has many teams which are dedicated to the server, facilities, and information system, and these teams can be classified as Operations and Support. The smooth functioning of facilities and equipment has effectively developed the functioning of the operations management in this decision area. This process may even include the people as well.

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The above-written essay sample work is based on the “Critical Operation Management (OM) Decisions.”

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