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Self Reflection on Critical Responsible Management and Sustainability Essay Sample 

The following sample is a self-reflection account on responsible management in an organization or industry by a manager or leader.

Critical responsible management is one that critically analyses every aspect affecting the business and society in general. It helps in creating a balance of the general interests of the people outside the organization and the interests of the people working as employees.

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It ensures sustainability through sustainable development and creating a balanced responsible system of management that does not affect the present or the future generation.

The responsible management practices are adopted by mostly the managers or supervisors of a company to ensure efficient sustainable management.

Social ethics, responsibility, values, sustainability, and political beliefs all play a major role in creating critical responsible management in the organization.

All the important elements for responsible management can be ensured through effective planning, organizing, leading, and controlling by the manager.

My Personal Account as a Project Manager in a Sustainable Construction Industry

There is an increase in the number of construction business and our company, Graham is one of the leading groups in the construction field of Ireland.

Graham is a privately owned company in Ireland operating in project investment, asset management, and construction work.

I being the Project Manager of the company have management and other responsibilities in the company. I also need to be present on the construction site to closely monitor the activities and ensuring safe working practices.

Contractors and managers have to start adopting responsible management practices in the industry to ensure sustainability and growth.

We have a team of managers and partners to help us in sharing the responsibility of the business administration and management.

All the responsibilities related to business practices, payrolls, financial accounts, CSR practices have been delegated to the managers working in the downline. It reduces the work burden and ensures responsible management in the organization.

As the business has expanded there have been a number of issues that have arisen such as the lack of control in management, cost-effectiveness, pollutants in the air on-site, etc.

There are certain steps that have been taken up by me as a Project Manager to ensure sustainability and responsible management in the organization and they are:-

  • Many successful businesses for a long time have been practising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to increase the profit of the business by being socially responsible.

Following the footsteps of these companies, we have also devised CSR practices to ensure social responsibility and sustainability. This creates awareness amongst the people, creating brand image increasing profit margin, and getting new customers for the business.

  • As a leader and manager, my responsibility is also to ensure a safe working environment and health at the construction working site. Implementing various safety rules, procedures, and initiatives to ensure the safeguard of health and interest of the workforce. Responsible construction ensures responsible management in the organization.
  • Making a cost-efficient project by proper mapping of cost and minimum exposure to risk with greater economic benefits. Employing skilled staff and ensuring safe working practices and environment are all part of responsible management.
  • Close monitoring of construction site activities during any construction work, usage of material, transportation, site preparation, maintaining a healthy relationship with the local communities, and leadership control.
  • Reviewing of events and activities to ensure that they have not negatively impacted the social-cultural heritage sites, dislocated local people, or have caused any harm to the species. Safeguarding the business from media criticism so that it does not allow our competitors to get a foothold in the business.

Therefore, I can conclude through my personal working experience and account in the construction industry. That a manager or leader not only should have leadership skills but also have managerial skills to ensure critical responsible management and sustainability.

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The sample mentioned above is the self-reflection or analysis of responsible management in the construction industry by the project manager.

Strategic Management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Management, Business Administration, and QQI Level 5 Business Studies students can read this sample to get a brief idea of critical and responsible management.

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