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Deal with Equality at Workplace Essay Sample

Following sample is written with the purpose of discussing a deal with equality at the workplace, opportunities of work and various measures to ensure it. This sample could be read in reference to the Equality in Employment Act, 1998 and the Equality Act of 2010. In our previous essay samples, we have already discussed the equality legislations based on the Equality and Employment Act 1998. So, in this sample, we will elaborately discuss upon the Equality Act of 2010 in relation to the equality at the workplace.

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When we deal with equality at the workplace, we already understand that employers have a responsibility towards their workers or employees to be protected against threats and discrimination at the workplace. Such form of threat can be in the form of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination on various grounds at the workplace.

Workplace discrimination should not be ignored and tolerated. This issue has taken a global swift in recent years through various movements globally. Such as the #metoo and #timesup movements for bringing focus on gender-based discrimination and harassment.

There are nine grounds of discrimination that could affect equality at the workplace and they are:-

Religion and faith, gender, race, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age.

Various methods have been taken up by employers for the promotion of equality at the workplace. Various policies have been made for the promotion of equality, especially amongst the vulnerable groups. Equality in the workplace can also be ensured through equal pay for equal work by the employees. There should be just and fairness in work opportunities, employment and payment to all the employees irrespective of their gender. Expansion of work horizon depends upon the core principles of productivity and reduction of absence from the place of work.

Promotion of Gender Equality at the Workplace 

Gender Equality is a very important element that is required to ensure and to deal with equality at the workplace. It is an inclusive practice that gives an edge for growth and sustenance of female employees at the workplace. Increase of women in the workforce of any country not only affects the GDP of the respective country but also contributes to the global economy. Women are considered to be more patient, better performers, decision-makers and could address the global issues better than men. Thereby creating better scope and opportunities for women at the workplace.

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Few practices that can be taken up by the organizations for ensuring gender equality at the workplace are:-

1. Alteration of hiring practices to increase the equality diversity in the organization

Gender discrimination has lead to the need for creating gender equality practices even in the work culture. It creates diversity and the concept of equality in the work environment and place. When staffing work takes place in the company or organization it must ensure diversified hiring process.

One of the ways could be to create a diverse interview panel comprising of both men and women. Hiring and selection process should be given in the hands of both the gender. There should also be the promotion of equality with the job description. Promotion and appraisal in work must not be discriminated and should be given to the employees on the basis of their performance. Just and fair compensation practices must be made irrespective of the gender.

2. Leadership roles must be considered for both the genders

The stereotypical mindset of creating job roles for people on the basis of their gender is an age-old practice. Gender equality is ensured by giving leadership roles to women as well. A high number of women leaders in business organizations could lead to the advancement of career and employment opportunities. Workforce force of women will increase as there will be more number of women leaders ensuring the safety of female employees at their workplaces.

3. Equal pay for equal work

Equal payment should be given for an equal amount of work done by both the genders. Pay role and structure should be clearly stated for the employees giving them a fair and transparency in the system. Thereby also ensuring job security and protection of female employees from discrimination in the workplace.

4. Balancing of work and personal life

Work-life balance is a big concern for women in the workplace as sometimes they are forced to work beyond their working hours. Personal life of women especially who ard married gets effected. Even the proper child care support, elderly care to help women is not being provided as a result of which they suffer.

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It leads to high attrition rates also sometimes have to leave their jobs due to this unwanted pressure that is created on them. In order to relieve the working mothers stress at workplace, maternity leave and other policies need to be formulated properly. Paternity leave should also be granted to the fathers to take care of the child back at home. This could help in creating a healthy working environment.

5. Strict and effective policies against harassment and sexual harassment at the workplace

This is a common problem that is being faced by women at the place of work. Harassment can be in the form of bullying, racism or sexually harassing a female employee. The companies must have very strict policy and procedures to supervise the safety of women. The employer has the responsibility to take up various precautionary measures and actions against such sexual harassment. Employees involved in such harassment cases should be expelled and punished strictly by the companies.

6. Open environment

Companies and organizations must have an openness in their policies and measures. Talent and performance at a job must be appreciated and not discriminated on the grounds of gender. Appreciation is very important for the employees to increase their productivity level at work, generation of quality work and healthy cooperation amongst the office staffs.

Equality Act 2010 in relation to deal with equality at the workplace 

Equality at the workplace normally deals with under the Employment Equality Act 1998 and Equality Act 2010.

The Equality Act 2010 is responsible for developing policies and the promotion of equality and diversity at work. It provides equal opportunities and equal pay for the same amount of work done by the employees.

This Act replaced a previous Act of Race Relations Act 1976 and the Disability Act 1995 ensuring consistency and the promotion of equality at the workplace in a fair environment. Increase in female working staff creates high self-esteem and morale at the workplace thereby creating great work-life balance for the employees.

The policies made under this Act will prevent certain employment like male being preferred unfairly for a job role or interview. Females, a certain age, disability grounds are being outcasted for a particular job role is not acceptable within the ambit of this Act.

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New roles should not be allowed through internal advertisement, no extra holidays for people from a certain religion or faith. Promotion should also not be granted on the basis of religion, gender, caste or disability. This Act promotes good relationships in the organization. It makes it unlawful to have a preassumed notion or passing of judgements on workers by the employers. Equality and diversity guidelines need to be followed.

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Above sample is written to target the students of Law, Health care, wellbeing and QQI Level 5 and 6 students. This sample could be used for writing workplace psychology, the principle of employment lawchildhood and diversity guidelines assignments.

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This topic of deal with equality at the workplace can be read in reference to the Equality Act 2010, Equality in Employment Act 1998, the Equal Status Act 2000 and Disability Act 2005. Students could take the help of Irish Assignment help which provides essay writing services for college assignments.

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