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Developing Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom Essay Sample 

The following essay sample shall focus on the development of emotional intelligence in children in the classroom, elements of emotional intelligence, methods by which teachers can improve their emotional intelligence, and methods of promoting emotional intelligence in the classroom.

Developing emotional intelligence amongst the children in a classroom setting is the most important aspect of growth and development. Many social and emotional learning programs are being incorporated into subjects and curricula for the children. It helps the children in increasing their academic and nonacademic performance both.

Developing Emotional Intelligence Classroom Essay Sample

Any socially interactive session in the classroom increases the social and emotional skills of the child. Emotional intelligence makes the students capable to have positive and healthy relationships with the other students in class. It helps them to be more empathetic and compassionate by nature.

Such emotional intelligence and maturity help the children in their professional life at the later stage of their lives. It is the responsibility of the educators of shaping the young minds of the children.

Elements of Emotional Intelligence 

Some basic elements count for being a person with emotional intelligence. Following are the elements or traits of an emotionally intelligent person:-

  • Self Regulation – A person can control and balance his thoughts, emotions, and impulses. People with high emotional intelligence are non-impulsive by nature which makes them better in decision-making skills. They are assertive, open-minded, flexible, and thoughtful before drawing any conclusion.

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  • Motivation – Being self-motivated and self-driven is a sign of high emotional intelligence in a person which ensures the long-term success of an individual. They are highly productive and challenging people by nature.
  • Self Awareness – Such people are very much aware of how they feel deep inside them emotionally as they can address the issues very effectively. They do not allow their emotions to get out of control.
  • Empathy – People with emotional intelligence are bound to be more empathetic with other people. They can recognize the feelings of others very easily and are honest with their emotions.
  • Social Skills – Such people have high social skills and are excellent communicators who are efficient in building strong and meaningful relationships.

Ways in which Teachers can Improve their Emotional Intelligence 

  • First, any teacher needs to self-evaluate himself and positively reflect upon his needs to work on certain areas to make himself better. Self-evaluation is a must for being able to control the mind in different situations.
  • The teacher needs to learn gratitude towards the other colleagues working with them. They must have an apologetic nature and be more willing to have an honest attempt at making things right.
  • He needs to adopt a very rational mindset to avoid making opinions about others. He must be able to handle failures and successes equally considering them to be natural and temporary.
  • One must learn to be empathetic to be able to relate to the problem of others. He must be a good listener, flexible, open-minded understanding, and must not limit his boundaries and be more open to others’ needs and perspectives.
  • A positive attitude takes a person a very long way in his life. He must be optimistic in his life and must be good at handling stressful situations in life and at his workplace. He must work with full dedication without any expectations in return.
  • Trying to be more social and engaging with other people can help in strengthening the social bonds and relationships with others. They must pursue their hobbies and preferences apart from just chasing their goals in life which helps them to enhance social skills and emotional intelligence.

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Methods to Promote Emotional Intelligence in the Classroom 

Emotional intelligence helps the students in shaping their inner personality and outlook through positive interaction, empathy, feelings, and thoughtfulness. Teachers help the students to improve upon their emotional intelligence with help of various methods and strategies.

Some of the methods to promote emotional intelligence in the students in a classroom are:-

Student’s Engagement in the Problem Solving 

Teachers must help the students to solve different puzzles, maths, and crosswords. They must be able to challenge the intelligence of the students in solving their problems. They can be given challenging situations or real-life hypothetical questions to solve with their problem-solving abilities. This enhances their thinking abilities and emotional intelligence.

Incorporation of Character Education 

Character education helps the students in developing ethical values and responsibility in them. It helps them to grow themselves by giving importance to good deeds and values. It will make them honest, trustworthy, and responsible for their actions.

It helps students to develop skills in the classroom with the help of reading and other activities organized by the teachers. It gives ample amount of scope to the children to explore and implement ideas into practice. They are made to acknowledge the value of honesty.

Students are encouraged to Share Ideas and Opinions

Teachers help the students to share their ideas and opinions openly on various issues. They must be encouraged to make their own choices and voice their opinions to build a sense of competency in the students. It helps them to become more emotionally independent when it comes to making their own decisions which enhances their emotional intelligence.

Making a Role Model for the Students to Impart Respect

Learning to respect other individuals is an important lesson in the life of a student. Students must be encouraged to use polite language and a respectful attitude or behaviour towards others. Teaching them mindful cultural values and language is a must to shape their personality. Instilling respect prevents bullying in the school which is an important part of education.

Teaching Children Motivation and Determination 

Motivation is an important element in the social and emotional learning of children to achieve their goals in life. They must be taught to be more tolerant, determined and perseverant to achieve their goals in life. They must be instructed to work hard to encourage them to master their skill at learning.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the development of emotional intelligence in the classroom.

Early Childhood Care and Education QQI Level 5, Child Development QQI Level 5, Childcare QQI Level 5, Child Psychology QQI Level 6, Mental Health QQI Level 6 students can read this sample to understand the emotional growth and development of students in a classroom setting.

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