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Reflective Essay Sample on Diabetes Disease

The following reflective writing is based on diabetes disease which has become very common these days. It is a personal account of my experience with my grandmother who was suffering from diabetes last year and passed away as a result of it.

While taking care of the daily routine and checkups of my grandmother I learned the nature of this disease and its adverse effects on a person’s lifestyle. With the help of this reflective writing, I shall share my account of a learning experience about the diabetes issue.

Reflective Essay Sample on Diabetes Disease

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes the blood sugar level to rise. The insulin hormone in our body helps in moving the sugar from the blood to the cells for storing energy. But a person who is suffering from diabetes does not produce enough insulin or cannot effectively make use of it. There are different types of diabetes with different symptoms and treatments.

Symptoms of diabetes as noticed by me during the care of my grandmother

Some of the common symptoms of diabetes were noticed by me while I was taking care of her during her treatment. She lost a considerable amount of body weight, increase thirst and hunger, frequent visits to the washroom for urination, soreness in the skin, no healing of the injury, itchy skin, and infection.

Such types of diabetes are a combination of genes and the lifestyle of a person. Heavyweight makes the cells more resistant to the effects of insulin on blood sugar.

Since we have a family history of diabetes running in the blood it is very easy to get this disease from our fathers and forefathers and on top of that, she was suffering from high blood pressure levels.

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Irrespective of regular clinical intervention and medical checkups she didn’t listen to the instructions given by the doctors which made her diabetes much more complicated with time.

She started getting depressed, skin issues started emerging, and eventually lost her memory. As a result, her blood sugar levels got sky-high which leads to the damage of nerves called diabetic neuropathy.

This condition caused her severe pain and sensitivity in the foot along with ulcers, infection, and pain in the joints.

On seeing her health status my family members got her nursing carers at home and regular check-ups and monitoring of sugar level were done. She was under strict supervision by a medical team.

Steps were taken by me to help her with complications of diabetes

  • I and my family members tried our best to make a proper meal plan for my grandmother with the help of a community dietician. It helped her to make healthy eating choices and appropriate portions of the meal are served.

Her diet included low-fat food, fruits, vegetables along with oily fish twice a week. We also tried to regularise some of the physical exercises for her to maintain a healthy weight.

  • I tried to keep close monitoring her cholesterol and blood sugar levels with the help of the monitoring device. Gave her the doctor-prescribed medication on time along with a reduced-fat diet.
  • I brought a fluoride toothpaste for my grandmother so that she can brush her teeth twice a day as diabetes leads to infection and bleeding in the gum. She was taken twice every year for a dental exam.
  • In a diabetic patient, the blood flow gets restricted and it damages the nerves in the feet as a result it causes loss of sensation in the feet. And the carer I both arranged daily washing of her feet in the lukewarm water to avoid any blisters, soreness, swelling, and infection in her feet.
  • The doctor prescribed a medicine called Aspirin which reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It was supposed to be given along with some therapies under strict medical supervision. We have consulted the eye doctors, foot doctors, dentists, diabetes doctors, mental health counsellors, and nurses.
  • I started learning about diabetes more and took online classes for it to learn about the disease and often checked any information with the healthcare professionals in the hospital. We also made my grandmother join a support group for diabetes so that management of this disease gets easy.

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Things I have learned from my personal experience of handling diabetic patient 

When the body ceases to produce insulin or cannot make use of it then diabetic pills and insulin shots are ejected to the body in the form of medicines that can lower the blood sugar levels in a person.

I learned about some of the medicines that are used for the treatment of a diabetic patient and they are:-

  • Damage Frozen
  • Dulaglutide
  • Liraglutide
  • Pramlintide
  • Semaglutide
  • Exenatide

I learned the proper use of an insulin needle and a monitoring device for testing my blood sugar level. There are also other tests like the Haemoglobin A1C test to monitor the sugar level.

I conclude from my learning that a healthy lifestyle is a key to a longer life span which is also free from diseases. A regular healthy diet, exercise, keeping the stress levels in check, and regular health checkups are must for everyone to avoid any disease. If any such disease remains untreated it can become life-threatening.

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The above sample is a reflection on the diabetic patient and his lifestyle along with the challenges associated with it.

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