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Digital Transformation Management Assignment Example UCD Ireland 

In the following assignment example, we shall discuss the course unit of Professional Diploma in the Digital Transformation Management UCD and the purpose of this course is to make the learners capable to create innovative ideas. They learn to innovate digital transformation strategies.

It shall enhance the skills of the learners to build the business and revolutionize it by operating the business model, managing the business, and facilitating changes in the business. This shall help the organization to adapt to the new business environment.

Digital Transformation Assignment Sample UCD

Course Title – Digital Transformation Management
Course Type – Live Online Learning/Part-time
Duration – 12 Weeks
Degree – Professional Diploma UCD

Learning Outcomes of the Digital Transformation Management UCD Course

The learning outcomes of this course module shall cover the discovery of digital transformation strategies and their an application in the business, mitigation of risks of digital transformation business, the impact of digital transformation in driving the customer experience and increasing the profitability, and improving market demand and survival of the business in the digital era, etc.

These are the following learning outcomes of the Digital Transformation Management assignment activity:-

Understanding the Importance of Digital Transformation and Application in the Business of the Organization 

The learners of this online course program shall be able to understand and explain the digital transformation meaning and ways to make it successfully applied in the organizations. Digital transformation is the integration of all the digital technology into the different areas of the business which helps in delivering valuable service to the customers.

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They shall learn the importance of digitalization in the growing market for businesses from the small to the large businesses and this has become the need of the hour for all the businesses to remain competitive and relevant with the help of digital marketing skills.

It also provides clarity to the team leaders and members as they learn the important elements of digital marketing from digital transformation experts. This shall increase the goodwill and value of the customers.

This helps business organizations to evaluate and face challenges of the status quo, failures, and experiments. The business can take up digital transformation for several reasons and the most important one is the survival issue.

It requires digital transformation to adapt quickly without any disruptions in the supply chain for facing the market pressures and changes in the customer’s needs. Some of the important elements of digital transformation are operational agility, culture and leadership, workforce, customer experience, and digital technology integration.

Explaining the Different Types and Managing Risks of Digital Transformation in Business

When the business is completely digitalized it may introduce new and unfamiliar processes that can change the entire business model and can impose external threats or challenges to the business.

Whenever there is a business digital transformation it is always complex and the types of risks must be considered which depend on the business model, operation, stakeholders, and technology that has been deployed.

Some of the risks of digital transformation are technology-related risks that can influence the processes and systems. Cyber risk is a bigger concern for businesses and this may include the application of security and monitoring that can influence the risk. There could be also a third party and strategic risk.

Apart from this, there shall be a competitive risk whenever there is a big digital transformation in the organization as the companies can lose their relevance, miss the opportunities, and not be able to collect the analytics.

All these risks associated with the digital transformation can be managed/mitigated with the help of planning, buy-in managers, and decision-makers making well-informed decisions by being much conscious.

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Explaining the Impact of the Digital Transformation in Driving Customer Experience and Demand

The learners through the practical demonstration and experience in this field can learn about various implications of such digital transformation on the demands of the customers and experience. The business has created highly engaging customers who are more likely to try the new brand and products which they can refer to their friends and relatives.

This has transformed the habits of the customers in the market as getting access to the services of the organization has become much easier these days. This has evolved the social selling concept and helps in building relationships with the customers.

Data-driven marketing strategies, account-based marketing, and e-mail marketing strategies have promoted sales and personalized the customer experience along with the seamless multichannel experience. Digital transformation has allowed engaging modern buyers through these various techniques.

Outlining the Steps Involved in the Digital Transformation in the Business

Digital transformation helps in the transformation of every area of the business from sales to service where each department has a different method of application of the technology.

The decision-makers can analyze and outline the steps involved for the digital transformation in a particular organization that can defeat the competitors in the market. Some of the very common steps that are generally involved in the digital transformation in the organization are:-

  • Focus on the customers.
  • Organizational structure.
  • Change in the management.
  • Transformational Leadership.
  • Technology decisions.
  • Integration of technology.
  • Internal customer experience.
  • Logistics and supply chain.
  • Data security, privacy, and ethics.
  • Evolution of products, services, and processes.
  • Digitization.
  • Personalization.

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Course Modules of Digital Transformation 

  • Digital Transformation and Industry.
  • Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation.
  • Digital Inclusive Business Strategy.
  • Digitalization in the Organizational Business Model.
  • Digital Transformation Analysis of Business Processes.
  • Leadership and Change Inside Digital.
  • Digital for Knowing the Market.
  • Modern Marketing Channels.
  • Align Convergence.
  • Surviving in a Digital Era.
  • A Digitised Shift in Thinking.
  • Managing the Digitalized Future.

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The above-written assignment sample help is based on the Digital Transformation Management UCD course module.

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