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DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products Assignment Example Ireland 

In the following assignment example, we shall discuss the bachelor’s degree of DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products which is a full-time or part-time, or online course in Ireland.

This course is suitably designed for the students who are from the background of science, quality or logistics, manufacturing, and engineering and are also willing to pursue their career in medicine or pharmacy in the manufacturing industry. It is meant for all levels of the students with a specialist role in the life science sector.

DT291 Manufacture Of Medicinal Products Assignment Example

Course TitleManufacture of Medicinal Products
Course DeliveryOnline/ Full time/ Part-time
LevelBachelor’s Degree

Learning Outcomes of the DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products Course

The Irish course program of the DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products shall follow the structure of the course that includes the format of program overview, program content, core modules, optional modules, and a format accreditation. It shall cover learning outcomes about the fundamentals of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, mathematics and statistics, pharmaceutical facility design, physical chemistry, and process development, etc.

These are the following learning outcomes in the DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products assignment activity:-

Explaining the Fundamentals of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technologies 

After the successful completion of this course, the learners shall be able to understand and explain the fundamentals or basics of pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies along with a deeper understanding of the rules and guidelines for governing the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. It is the process of the creation of pharmaceutical drugs on a larger scale and it is widely used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

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The learners shall learn to design process control systems, practice manufacturing processes, lean manufacturing, and integration the projects. They learn the basic principles of pharmaceutical manufacturing technology which can make them capable enough to work in a competitive environment of pharmacy, medical device, finished dose and the project engineering, etc.

They get to learn the latest trends of technologies that are used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. There is a growing trend in using artificial intelligence, blockchain, precision medicine, additive manufacturing, extended reality, big data analytics, and other industrial technology.

There is also research work going on 3D printed organs, intragastric balloon devices, and biochemical product development. Learners must be able to explain how technology has impacted the pharmaceutical industry and medicinal products.

Understanding the Use of Mathematics and Statistics for Medicinal Products 

Learners in this course module shall be able to learn the use of mathematics and statistics in the manufacturing industry of medicines. They shall learn and demonstrate the importance of statistical programming in clinical drug development and the reliability and viability of data generated by them.

They shall learn scoring system classification in clinical trials and discuss the problem-solving philosophy in drug development. There shall be a deep and proper understanding of the work of the biostatistician in the small and big pharmacies.

The work of the pharmaceutical statistician is evaluated who takes up several projects at once and must learn the fundamentals of mathematics and statistics as applied to the method validation.

Analyzing Pharmaceutical Facility Design 

The students or learners shall be focusing on learning the various principles of the pharmaceutical facility design which has its prime focus on the clean air and water systems, design, commission, and construction of such systems. The module shall discuss the importance of the site master plans for manufacturing development and addressing various developmental activities.

The pharmaceutical facility design may include the site master plan, the process design, the process modeling, simulation, early estimates, and concept and scope.

The growing demand for technology has impacted the pharma facility design and construction. These days in the healthcare sector the focus is on the safety of the patient and the personalized medicines. Issues must be addressed in relation to such facility design in order to adapt to the changing needs of the patients.

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Outlining the Fundamentals of the Physical Chemistry for the Industrial Process

Physical chemistry deals with principles of physics involving chemical interactions. The learners shall be able to outline and understand the physical properties, structure of atoms or molecules, and chemical reaction of the properties used for making the medicinal products.

There are many sophisticated types of equipment used for analyzing the materials, developing methods to test, developing theories, and use of such materials. It is widely used in materials science, molecular modeling, analytical chemistry, and other industrial processes.

Assessment Techniques for DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products Course

To display the skills, competence, efficiency, and knowledge of the learners and analyze whether they have achieved their learning outcomes.

The learning assessments need to be undertaken by the learners.

All learning outcomes must be assessed and achieved with the help of the minimum intended module learning outcomes set out in the validated program.

The learners shall be able to first complete the twelve modules of this course. Each module requires 100 hours of study and self-directed learning over ten weeks time.

The successful completion of this course unit leads to a Bachelor’s in the Science Degree (B.Sc) in the Manufacture of Medicinal Products awarded by the Dublin Institute of Technology after the submission of assessments and end module assignments.

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The above-written assignment sample is based on the DT291 Manufacture of Medicinal Products course module.

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