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Dysgraphia refers to a learning disability that can affect children as well as adults. It is a neurological disorder that can be characterized by problems while writing. Children with dysgraphia tend to use the wrong words while writing or communicating. Dysgraphia and dyslexia make individuals incapable of concentrating on other things while writing. Moreover, children with dysgraphia can also suspect of being lazy or sloppy due to bad handwriting. Dysgraphia leads to anxiety, negative attitudes, and lack of confidence, and affects the self-esteem of an individual. It becomes easy for the students to take expert writing services for submitting high-quality essay papers.

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Learning disabilities are often related to prenatal development, and children with different types of dysgraphia can suffer from other learning disorders as well. The primary cause of developing dysgraphia in adults is a stroke or other brain injuries. Dysgraphia interferes with the word spacing, spelling, and general ability of an individual to put thoughts on paper. Individuals with dysgraphia have trouble with excellent motor skills, physical skills, and learning skills. The students can take help from assignment makers for preparing top-notch quality assignments.

Common symptoms of dysgraphia

  • Incorrect capitalization and spelling
  • Difficulty in copying words
  • Illegible handwriting and mix of cursive letters
  • Labored and slow words
  • Spacing and inappropriate sizing of letters
  • The unusual position of body or hand while writing
  • Saying words loudly while writing
  • Omitting words or specific letters from sentencing
  • Trouble in following rules of grammar while writing
  • Watching hand when writing
  • Hand cramps due to holding a pen or pencil tightly
  • Difficulty in visualizing words before writing

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Types of dysgraphia

  1. Dyslexic dysgraphia: The writing text is most strongly affected in this form of dysgraphia. It becomes more illegible and the oral and written spelling of an individual becomes poorer. Dysgraphia teaching strategies affect the writing skills of children; however, copying or drawing skills remain unaffected. Along with it, finger-tapping, which is the measure of excellent motor skills, remains in the normal range when an individual is suffering from dyslexic dysgraphia?
  2. Motor dysgraphia: Finger-taping is highly abnormal among individuals suffering from motor dysgraphia. It is because dysgraphia in adulthood affects excellent motor skills strongly, and thus it affects spontaneous drawing, tracing, or coping skills. However, spelling skills remain normal in children with motor dysgraphia.
  3. Spatial dysgraphia: This type of dysgraphia affects the relationship between the medium of writing and writing skills. Spatial dysgraphia affects all forms of handwriting and drawing as well. However, spelling skills, as well as finger-tapping speed, are quite healthy in individuals suffering from spatial dysgraphia.

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Title: How to treat dysgraphia in children?

Many therapies can help a child with dysgraphia to face various challenges. Some of the common types of help for dysgraphia include Occupational Therapy. It is a compelling way which can help children with dysgraphia who are struggling with handwriting. Therapists can help in improving motor skills and motor planning through dysgraphia pencil grip. Parents can encourage children to try pencil grips and other aids for comfortable writing.

Along with it, physical therapy can help children in improving arm positioning and posture while writing. The specialist will focus on hand and body position and posture of the child when they are writing. The school teachers can provide special education services to children suffering from dysgraphia like the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

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