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EC2020 Economy of Ireland Assignment Example TCD

Ireland is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure and an economy that is open and friendly to business, Ireland has enjoyed years of sustained growth. While there are always risks associated with any economy, Ireland’s position looks solid for the foreseeable future. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key factors that have led to Ireland’s economic success. We’ll also explore how businesses can tap into the Irish market to grow their own operations.

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In this section, we are describing some tasks. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Review and summarise relevant reading material on various key aspects of Irish economic policy

There is a lot of reading material on Irish economic policy, and it can be difficult to summarise it all. But in general, there are a few key aspects that are worth mentioning.

First, Ireland has had to make some tough choices in order to get its economy back on track. It has implemented austerity measures and reduced government spending in order to bring down its debt levels. This has not been easy, but it seems to be paying off – the Irish economy is growing again and unemployment is slowly declining.

Second, Ireland is focusing on attracting foreign investment. This involves creating a favorable business environment and investing in education and training so that workers are equipped with the skills that businesses need. The government also provides financial support for foreign businesses that are considering expanding into Ireland.

There is also the issue of Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are part of one country, but they are ruled independently. Northern Ireland used to be more economically disadvantaged, but it is now experiencing growth thanks to some key infrastructure investments by the British government.

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Assignment Task 2: Apply what they have learned to new data and situations

Ireland has been one of the most successful countries in Europe in terms of economic growth in recent years. This success can be attributed to a number of factors, including a well-educated workforce, a stable political environment, and a business-friendly environment.

However, Ireland’s success is also due to its willingness to embrace change and update its policies in response to new data and situations. For example, when the global financial crisis hit in 2008, Ireland quickly updated its banking regulations to make the sector more stable. And more recently, Ireland has responded to the refugee crisis by welcoming refugees into the country and providing them with support services.

Other countries can learn from Ireland’s example by being open to change and updating their policies as circumstances dictate.

Assignment Task 3: Explain the importance and relevance of the information contained in this reading

This reading covers a lot of important points that would be relevant to many companies and business people. It starts by describing the general economic environment in Ireland and then goes on to explain how businesses can tap into this market by setting up operations in the country.

It also talks about the generous government support provided to foreign businesses – something which could be very appealing to many companies.

Finally, it briefly touches on the issue of Northern Ireland and the impact that its recent growth has had on the Republic of Ireland. Foreign businesses considering an expansion into Ireland may want to keep this in mind because much of the north’s success is due to investments by foreign firms.

This reading provides a lot of useful information that anyone looking to expand into Ireland or set up a business in the country should know.

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Assignment Task 4: Understand the application of some basic economic thinking to issues of Irish economic policy

There are a few basic economic concepts that can be applied to issues of Irish economic policy. The most important one is the idea of supply and demand. When it comes to the Irish economy, policymakers need to make sure that there is an adequate level of demand for goods and services. This can be done by creating incentives for businesses to invest and create jobs, as well as by providing support for people who are looking for work.

Another key concept is marginal analysis. This involves looking at how changes in one variable (such as tax rates) affect another variable (such as economic growth). When it comes to taxes, policymakers need to think about how changes in tax rates will affect people’s behaviour. For example, if rates are too high, people might avoid investing because they are afraid of being taxed so heavily.

Ireland’s recent success can also be attributed to sensible investments in infrastructure. This helps increase the supply of goods and services which increases economic growth. It is important that policymakers continue making these kinds of investments for this reason.

Assignment Task 5: Compare and contrast different aspects of the policy debate surrounding Irish economic policy

There are a few key aspects of the Irish economic policy debate that warrant comparison and contrast. First, there is the issue of austerity measures and their impact on growth. Second, there is the question of corporate tax rates and their effect on foreign investment. And third, there is the debate over government spending and its role in stimulating economic growth.

On the issue of austerity measures, many people feel that they have gone too far, dampening economic growth and leading to increased unemployment levels. On the other hand, proponents of austerity argue that it is necessary in order to get the country’s finances back on track.

With regards to corporate tax rates, Ireland has been traditionally known for its low rates, which have attracted foreign investment and spurred economic growth. Some feel that this growth is unsustainable, however, as it relies on these low rates so heavily. On the other hand, those in favour of maintaining the status quo continue to argue that lower taxes help attract foreign investment which leads to job creation.

Finally, there is a big debate over government spending and its effect – or lack thereof – on economic growth. Some people feel that the government needs to spend more in order to stimulate economic growth. Others, meanwhile, argue that spending too much will lead to increased debt levels and make Ireland’s financial situation even worse.

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