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The Social and Economic Impact of Higher Education Essay Sample Ireland 

The following essay sample shall focus on and highlight the social and economic impact of higher education in Ireland. The dynamics of higher institutions have changed drastically in recent years.

These Irish universities not only provide the education but also proper training skills which help them to innovatively promote a research-based environment. University education promotes the growth, competitiveness, and economic prosperity of a country.

The Economic Social Impact of Higher Education Essay

The workforce as a result of this higher education is productive and resourceful and can perform the tasks efficiently. It promotes the social culture, empowering social mobilization and cross-cultural relationships.

Social Impact of Higher Education 

There are numerous benefits of getting higher education from the Irish universities or vocational schools which not only generate a higher income but also a better and healthier society with few crimes and civic involvement. It has a positive impact on social and community development.

Some of the social impacts of higher education in Irish society are:-

Promotion of High Standard of Living 

The students getting a high level of qualification from universities have comparatively a healthier lifestyle with a long life span. They work under a fixed work schedule on a daily basis which keeps them active and energized throughout the day. It benefits those people who have field jobs and are less likely to get heart disease. It reduces any chances of bad habits as well. High education means a higher level of income which promotes a higher standard of living for the people.

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Promotion of Empowerment and Gender Equality 

Higher education promotes gender equality, and empowerment in society as it aids the women to also earn for themselves like the men. They are paid equal to men as they get the same skill training and education in the universities. They have become independent in their choices as women are now financially stable and contribute to the economy of the country.

Reduces the Crimes in the Society

The education teaches moral and ethical values and responsibility to the citizens who have a better understanding of right and wrong. It creates empathy, compassion, and gratitude in the hearts of the people which discourages them to commit any crime against another person. The higher education level decreases crimes in society and makes a society civilized.

Promotion of Better Health Services 

Due to higher education, people can learn the importance of healthcare services that can reduce the spread of contagious diseases and maternal death rates. As people are more aware of such health services they can avail themselves of the healthcare services on time and take sufficient measures of precautions for such illnesses.

Reduces Any Gender-Based Violence 

When both the genders in the community are provided with higher education they create a sense of mutual respect for each other. It helps in the promotion of gender equality and prevents any gender-based violence like rapes and domestic violence. There are also less likely chances of attacks on the university-going girls as boys are also equally educated to know the importance of education for everyone.

Economic Impact of Higher Education 

Higher education has a positive impact on the economy of the country as it creates a powerful workforce and boosts the earning power of graduates. It rises the economy of the country at an international level through foreign investment.

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These are the economic impact of higher education in Ireland:-

Promotes the Collaboration Between Education and the Business 

There is an increase in the research and innovation work in the universities which reduces the research time in the companies for their businesses and has benefitted them at a large scale by reducing the cost of research.

The university and business both have collaborated over a long period of time to promote research and for producing commercially viable products.

Higher education develops better scientific and research brains which have been a boon for the economy and academic research purposes. It has majorly contributed to the economic growth of the country.

Promotion of the Knowledge-Based Economy

Due to higher education in the universities, there has been an increase in the technical know-how minded workforce which has advanced skills in using the latest technology.

It has developed an advanced system of learning with research and training of students in the universities themselves for their future careers. People with advanced knowledge reduce material consumption and build an economy on knowledge and data.

One such example is that of an automation technology that reduces labor-intensive workforce and workload. It requires special knowledge and skills to operate the automation processes which helps the businesses to expand and reduces the staff cost. It helps the growth and development of the economy and the promotion of a knowledge-based economy.

Higher Education Driving An Innovation

Higher education drives innovation in the different sectors of security, healthcare, technology, international development, etc.

These universities can contribute majorly to the research and innovation activities that drive foreign investment at a national and an international level. It boosts the balance in the economy.

Research and innovation teach new skills to the students which helps them to contribute further to the economy.

Some of the recent economic advances made due to new innovations from the university research centers are self-driving cars, cloud computing, and augmented reality. It adds great economic value to society.

High-Quality Workforce in the Companies 

Higher education trains students at all stages of their careers which makes them much more flexible and technologically advanced. As a result of this, they do not need any special training for their work at their workplace.

It reduces employee turnover and improves staff morale and satisfaction at a job in the workplace. A highly skilled workforce can face different challenges at the workplace which increases productivity and output results leading to overall economic growth.

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The above-written essay sample is based on the social and economic impact of higher education in Ireland.

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