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Edmund Pellegrino Virtue Ethics Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight Edmund Pellegrino as a teacher and physician, medicine as a moral practice Edmund Pellegrino, and Edmund Pellegrino’s quotes.

Edmund Daniel Pellegrino was a very popular bioethicist and an American scholar who served as the president of the Catholic University of America.

Edmund Pellegrino Virtue Ethics Essay Sample

He was a professor of medicine and medical ethics and served as the Director of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics. He had expertise in the field of humanities, clinical bioethics, and medicine and held the prestigious position of President at Catholic University.

Pellegrino considered medicine as an art, skill, and a matter of moral practice and enterprise. Legacy and contributions made by Sir Edmund Pellegrino as a physician brought a revolution in medical practice. There is a larger scope of physicians getting intellectually and morally involved to deliver care and humanitarian work.

Edmund Pellegrino as a Physician and Teacher

Edmund D. Pellegrino was a well-known physician who focused upon humanities as an important element in the field of medicine and advocated virtues in medical practice. The art of medicine which is supposed to be a moral practice has transformed into focused business-oriented interactions.

Patients are often not satisfied with the use and interpretation of technology which is based on the assessments and intervention but it is still important for them. While an empathetic exchange of words and conversation can establish a ground of trust between patient and physician.

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Such empathetic relationships between the patient and physician help in actively engaging in the acts of medical treatment, inquiry, examination, and assessments.

Edmund Pellegrino is focused on virtues, commitment toward the patients, and focus physicians and ethicists. The needs of the patients are important but the role of the physician must also be considered that trumps physician autonomy in actions and decisions.

Economic factors are important in playing a role in the healthcare unit while delivering care to the patients. Physicians following the virtue ethics could help in safeguarding the interests of the patient in healing relationships and improving trust and decision making.

Edmund Pellegrino focused mainly on the moral nature of medicine to become a physician. He identified the commercialization of medicine as the main reason for the moral erosion of medical practice. A physician must be an active listener who must act as a healer for patients whenever they require healing.

Active communication and listening is an important element in contemporary medicine as it helps indirectly address the issues and fears of the patients. It creates mutual trust in the relationship between patient and physician.

The modern advancement in medicine due to technology must not change a moral practice into a mechanical system. Physicians to be trained properly to meet the needs of clinical encounters. Data computing and the system help in the diagnosis and providing of care to the patients but reduce the examination and active listening of the patients.

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Medicine as the Moral Practice by Edmund D. Pellegrino  

The response of the patients is the primary element of the medical practice. Moral virtues must be used in compliance with the information and technology to ensure that medicine is a moral practice.

Edmund D. Pellegrino considered some of the virtues of a good physician to include trust, honesty, courage, compassion, wisdom, truthfulness, etc that can even be taught.

He explained the levels of good for the patient in terms of biomedical good, patient’s perception of his or her personal good, and spiritual good of a patient as a human being.

He also has put emphasis on the interactive roles of patient and physician and claimed that philosophy and medicine cannot be separated from each other.

It also allows the patient to get open and comfortable in front of the physician to make his own decisions which affect his health and healing within the ambit of goals and values.

Intellectual and moral virtues are both equally important when there is patient-centered care. Edmund Pellegrino considers medicine as a virtuous practice that involves fair empathetic listening, recognizing the issues of the patients, and understanding the psychological, physical, and medical needs of the patient.

Edmund D. Pellegrino’s Quotes

  • Family and friends can be in a financial and emotional conflict of interest with the welfare of an incompetent patient.
  • For any patient to have a right to claim any medical procedures they are willing to challenge the integrity of the physician.

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The above-written essay sample is based on Edmund Pellegrino’s virtue ethics.

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