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Integration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for improving the quality and safety of patient care Essay Sample

The following essay sample shall focus upon the electronic health records (EHR) for improving the quality of patient’s care and safety, advantages of electronic health records, and the National Electronic Health Record Programme in Ireland.

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An electronic health record is a digital chart or a systematic collection of health information of patients in a digital format. It helps in sharing of health information of patients to the healthcare providers so that they can make use of it for delivering healthcare services.

These health records can be shared across the different healthcare settings through digital exchanges and network connections for providing medical treatment. It includes the patient’s medical history, lab tests, diagnoses, radiology images, any medications, allergies, personal statistics, billing, immunization status, etc.

It helps in providing access to the evidence-based tools to use them for making a better clinical decision. Such information can be shared with other healthcare providers or organizations such as pharmacies, laboratories, emergency care specialists, etc.

It is used for improving the care of the patients and improving the outcomes. This helps in making better decisions, identifying the illness of patients, integration of health services across the care settings and an improved patient outcome. It also helps in the management of chronic diseases, prevention and screening.

How Electronic Health Records improves quality and safety of patient’s care

  • The healthcare professionals uses the electronic health records to improve the ability to diagnose the diseases and reducing the risk of medical errors which can improve the patient’s outcome. It gives the complete health information of patients which can diagnose the disease or health issues soon which allows non delay of medical treatment.
  • It checks for any new symptoms of health issues that may arise with a new health issue which requires new medication to be prescribed. It can inform the clinicians of any potential conflicts that may arise in the future.
  • Any information that is recorded in the Electronic Health Record by a primary healthcare provider can inform a clinician in emergency department about the patient’s life threatening disease. The emergency department can adjust the care with the health status of the patient appropriately.
  • It improves the risk management in health care unit which can improve the communication and analysis of the patient’s health information. It supports diagnostic and therapeutic decision making.
  • It gathers all relevant information at one place so that there can be safeguard against the treatments that may have an adverse effect or outcome of it.

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Advantages of Electronic Health Records 

  • Electronic Health Records have an accurate, detailed and complete information of patients health status upto date at the point of care. It integrates the information of patients from multiple sources which helps in providing high quality healthcare services to the patients.
  • It can easily improve the errors in medical, diagnosing the patients and providing safer care to them.
  • EHR reduces the paperwork costs, improves interaction of provider and user, secures information digitally, reduction in the price of testing and improved health.
  • EHR promotes the accuracy in the legal documentation along with billing and streamlined coding. It helps in quick access to health care and an effective coordinated care.
  • This can promote better health by encouraging healthy lifestyle which may include better sleep, increase in nutrition and physical activity, avoiding of risky behaviour and preventive care.
  • It can prevent any repetition of tests, reduction of wastes, prevention of unwanted medications and an improvement in coordination of healthcare services. It can improve the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and patient centeredness etc.

National Electronic Health Record Programme in Ireland 

The National Electronic Health Record is recognized by the Health Service Executive, clinical staff and the National Directors to deliver healthcare requirement in the future. The focus will be on the administrative staff and healthcare professionals who need to align technology with an integrated care and national healthcare reforms.

The electronic health record programme primarily focuses upon the use of technology to provide efficient care. ICT will be very important element in the Ireland’s healthcare reform. Ireland has an ambition to deliver sustainable high quality care for the entire Irish population.

The recording of patient’s health information, service provided and an interaction across the different organizations is very vital for eHealth. It will benefit the carers, patients, social carers, service users, professionals in the health system. This health programme aims at consistently delivering safe, better, and personal care to the patients.

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The above sample mentions the electronic health records which help in improving the quality and safety of patient’s care.

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