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Environmental, Health and Safety Management Essay Sample Ireland

The following essay sample shall highlight the importance of the environmental, health, and safety management programs, work of an environmental health, safety manager, and skills or requirement for becoming an EHS manager.

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Environmental health and safety management includes many types of laws, regulations, rules, and programs at the workplace to make efforts to protect the health and safety of employees and the public.

In EHS, the E stands for the releases in the environment, H stands for the health issues that arise due to airborne particulates, pathogen, radiation, and exposure. S stands for safety as external elements can harm or cause an injury to an employee.

The environmental health and safety managers work to ensure that the organization is in compliance with the safety standard of the environment and health.

Importance of the Environmental Health and Safety Management 

  • Environmental, Health, and Safety workplace programs are meant for the prevention of any harmful, life-risking incidents. It prevents causing any injury, illnesses, or any harm caused due to the environment.
  • The EHS management system at the workplace makes the companies accountable for the wellbeing of the employees. It gives a sense of security to the employees to make them feel more safe and valued.

It has a positive impact on the staff morale, confidence, retention, and productivity of the employees which also generates an increase in the hiring process.

  • There is also a specific online system for the calculation of health cost estimation and safety incidents at the workplace.
  • EHS programs have a positive impact on the performance of the company as it creates a direct relationship between safety and health programs and stock performance of the company.
  • Environmental health and safety management programs can increase the loyalty of customers as in today’s time every service is provided online.

Customers before choosing any company for placing their order for service or product need to research well and usually prioritize the company which has an EHS system.

  • Upgrading to an EHS management system can help in saving the administrative cost and time which can in return increase the profit margin of the company. It can lower the overhead costs and can keep the staff focused on the other tasks.

There will be better management at risk, no delays, and setbacks. Employees can also work under a better leadership team where information will be used to help employees work safely and efficiently.

  • The risk management practice helps in protecting the business assets, equipment and at a cheap price. Incidents of safety can risk the employees and equipment which can lead to heavy costs of repairs and maintenance.

EHM helps in reducing every type of risk that is associated with the health and environment of the company and employees.

  • The EHS departments help the companies to conduct businesses in an environmentally responsible way.

There are many heavy industries that pollute the air, water, and land in the environment and these departments help in managing the laws of the environment that protect the natural resources.

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Work of an Environmental Health Safety Manager

  • EHS managers work within the organization to promote good working practices for employees and safe working culture. They also ensure that environmental legislation complies with the safety concern at the workplace.
  • These managers work like Environmental Public Health professionals and work directly with the organization. They must have good observation skills and knowledge of environmental law.
  • They need to identify the potential hazards in the daily operations of the organization and must conduct an investigation when an individual is injured and the report must be made.

He must record the discharge of employees who are exposed to hazardous waste and proper material safety data sheets to be maintained.

  • He drafts the inspection reports of the areas which are inspected and must make documents that can help in developing health and safety procedures for all areas of the company.

Skills and Requirements to become EHS Manager 

  • Such a person must have vast and extensive knowledge of the laws related to the environment, policies, and regulations.
  • He must be physically capable to carry heavy-weight equipment for inspection and must know its proper use.
  • The manager must be very proficient in working on Microsoft Office and other software and can sit for long hours as it is a desk job.
  • He must have excellent written and verbal communication skills along with problem-solving abilities.
  • He must hold a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Safety, Occupational Safety, and Health and five years of experience in the field.

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The above essay sample mentions Environmental Health and Safety Management.

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