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Ethical Practice in Healthcare Essay

The development of ethical healthcare practice is evolved with the development of western medicine. Ethics is a philosophical connotation that distinguishes between good and bad, values and obligations and duty. Healthcare, Nursing, and Medical courses cover not only medical aspects to teach students but also include the curricula of ethical healthcare practices.

All students must study ethical practice to show their understanding by making assignments or writing essays on the “Ethical Practices in Healthcare”. As with ethical practices, there are some principles involved and students must have to understand all concerning healthcare, sometimes it becomes difficult for a student to write about the topic in detail without any vast research.

Ethical Practice in Healthcare Essay

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Ethical Practice in Nursing & Healthcare

There are challenges related to health issues in every civilization since ancient times. With practicing the medical treatment with the patients there are some ethics involved which help to develop the moral code of working. Ethics are codes in a philosophical way to differentiate the bad and good and what ought to be or not in the duty related to healthcare. The ethical issues in healthcare come in front of everyone who is associated with example, nurses doctors, and other staff who are dealing with the things related to patients.

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Commonly there are four principles involved in the ethics of health care and those are:

1. Respecting the independence of the patient

This principle makes the patient a center and recognizes that they have the right to take decisions and nurses and doctors should respect that, There is no legal obligation involved as sometimes patients are not in the right conditions of mind to think that gives authority to the nursing staff or doctors to take the appropriate measures with due care of the self-respect of the patients.

2. Benevolence

The ethical principle of benevolence or generosity means that the actions done by staff or doctors should always be in favor of the care of the patient. There should not be any bad intentions involved whatsoever.

3. Non-existence of balefulness

It is the moral duty of the nursing staff and doctors they should not to carry any maleficence concerning the patients. There should always be good intentions for patients.

4. Non-existence of balefulness

This is the ultimate ethical principle involved which justifies the behavior in terms of action and the results. Justice needs to be established with all evaluation of actions and ethical matters. It also implies that there should be an equal distribution of resources and no biasedness in providing healthcare services.

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Arguments involved with these four Principles of Ethics

So according to these principles all nursing staff, doctors, and other healthcare providers are compelled to give care that is experienced, moral, sound, and effective. The conditions can be different from patient to patient but the principles of ethics should be there and there should be a proper balance of actions to maintain justice in the end. There can be moral dilemmas involved like taking decisions, telling truth, etc. but the benevolence should be depicted by all the actions of the healthcare experts.

It does not mean that there cannot be any conflict in the healthcare practice but all conflicts can be solved by these four principles. Therefore the healthcare experts should not only take care of the actions but should also carry effective communication skills and patience to deal with the conflicted situations. However, these principles themselves sometimes can create conflict or overlap, in that case, the self-respect of the patient is supreme. For example, if there is a possibility of dying, the patient should know about it.

Insensitivity and not being emphatic is not at all welcomed in ethical values. Whatever the situation is a nurse or a doctor should always adhere to the values which involve compassion and kindness. There can be a lot of situations where the middle path in approach is needed.

As in the case of the patient dying and needing to know about the truth from healthcare staff that should be dealt with with proper consciousness and carefulness. Telling the truth should not adversely impact the patient’s condition but telling truth is necessary too so in that case there can be a middle-way approach like telling the possibility of life and death. It means that bad news will be bad news but how it is being conveyed that is important.

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