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Essay Sample on Exam Fears

Exam fear is a common phenomenon among school and college students, especially when they are preparing for an examination. The fear of the exam is a serious issue that can affect students socially, psychologically, cognitively, and even emotionally. Many students come to Ireland for better education; however, they have to face tough competition. There are many leading Ireland Universities such as Trinity College of Dublin, NUI Galway, and many more that offer several homework assignments to the students. When the students are not able to submit high-quality assignments on time, then they can face severe loss of academic grades. However, the students can take help from professional writers to finish their tasks with perfection.

Essay Sample on Exam Fears

Undoubtedly, exam anxiety and exam fear are common among students of all age groups. The only difference is that some students are capable of managing their stress by handling exam fear. However, many students can commit suicide for fear of the exam. Some of the students can go into depression if they perform badly in exams. There are many factors such as lack of preparation, competition from others, and low motivation levels which can cause exam fear among students. Irish students can ask to write my essay to the team of assignment makers offered by the leading writing company.

What are the causes of exam fear?

The fear of an exam can occur at any age, especially when the student’s knowledge is tested through examinations and interviews. Many parents in Ireland put pressure on their children to achieve high grades in examinations. Generally, exam fear starts in primary school, and it can increase through secondary school. Some of the causes related to exam fear include:

  • Doubtful feeling about the process of exam evaluation
  • Worrying excessively about exams
  • Worrying about the consequences of the exam and waiting for results
  • High expectations from peers, parents, and society
  • Lack of motivation can lead to fear of exams when a child gets exposed to a stressful situation.
  • Poor parenting

Along with all such factors, the environment where the student grows also affects their personality. The insecure child can face more stress to fear, and it results in exam phobia.

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How to reduce exam fear before the examination?

Exam fear is the least recognized disorder; still, it is crucial to understand the delicate nature of exam phobia. There are some of the critical steps which are helpful to reduce the exam fear and maintain the right mental health of children:

  • Study properly: The child needs to find out the right time for studying. The students can select daytime or nighttime to study regularly.
  • Solve previous year’s papers: The students can build up their confidence levels by solving the past year’s question papers. It helps in preparing the students mentally by encouraging them to understand how to answer questions effectively.
  • Relax mind: Exams are a stressful phase, and the fear of the exam is natural. However, if the student is facing high exam phobia, then let them relax their mind by listening to music or watching a movie.

Sample on exam fears for Irish students

Title: How can students relax their minds during the exam?

The students can take a deep breath for relaxing their minds. It is because the exam fear can constrict the flow of oxygen to the brain. However, deep breathing helps in reversing the process and enhances the oxygen flow to the brain. It helps the mind as well as the body to relax. The students can skip any question if they find it difficult to answer. The students should understand that they have to keep their mind relax while attempting the exam.

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