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Research paper sample on the Exercise and Fitness Instructor and Fitness Theories

Lack of exercise and physical exercise are some of the societal health problems. Though fitness and exercise physical activity are distinct, they are interrelated concepts. The exercise, which is well-planned and repeated physical activity, helps in maintaining fitness skills. The individuals performing exercise regularly can experience a significant increase in self-esteem. It minimizes the risks of depression and anxiety and thus promotes good health. The students can learn how to apply group fitness programs for individuals with special abilities. The students of Ireland can take help from assignment writers for developing an effective essay on exercise and fitness.

Research paper sample on the Exercise and Fitness Instructor and Fitness Theories

Fitness and exercise are the major concepts that help in improving the quality of life. The students of Ireland need to examine the various principles of physical fitness while preparing for an academic essay. The components of health-related fitness and functional fitness reflect the lifestyle behavior change of an individual. Physical activities and appropriate exercises help in maintaining health and reducing the risk of diseases. The role of the fitness instructor is to tell the benefits of the components of each fitness type. By learning exercise physiology through the online sample, the students become capable of making a high-quality essay paper.

Theories on Exercise and Fitness

  • Cognitive theories of Physical Activity and Exercise

Belief-attitude theories aim at the cognitive backgrounds of the behavioral intentions and the effort made by someone to enhance behavioral skills. The theory combines the development stage of an individual with motivational variables. The high self-determination theory signifies the importance of maintaining good health. An individual must focus on practical skills under the influence of stronger driving forces.

  • Affective-Reflective Theory of Exercise

The reflective evaluation of physical exercise derived from mental stimulation and experience helps in highlighting the affective consequences of actions. The theory aims to explain human behavior in different situations and predict whether an individual remains in a state of physical inactivity or takes up a step. Along with it, the theory of physical activity assumes that feelings and thoughts connected with exercise encourage someone to be willing to participate in physical exercise or not.

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  • Theory of Energetic Minimization

The theory refers to evidence of the various neuro-behavioral adaptations contributing to the minimization of metabolic costs in the course of human action. Individuals can learn how to minimize the physical effort necessary for obtaining specific rewards. The theory assumes that the internal physiological state and external physical environment help in motivating good health. The ability of an individual to perform physical activity helps them to maintain hygiene and to avoid unnecessary physical exertion.

Sample on the Exercise and Fitness Instructor and Fitness Theories in Ireland

Title: Is there any impact of exercise on happiness?

Happiness consists of three crucial components, namely; positive excitement, life satisfaction, and the avoidance of negative energy like stress. An exercise which refers to repetitive movement helps in maintaining one or more components of fitness. Regular exercise helps in reducing the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other health-related issues.

Moreover, exercise not only benefits an individual with physical benefits, but one can experience psychological benefits as well. It helps in providing significant levels of positive mood and thus happiness. By lowering down the risk of depression and anxiety, exercise helps in building up the confidence levels among an individual. Along with it, regular exercise results in enhanced happiness and life satisfaction.

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