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F. W. Taylor Scientific Motivational Theory in respect of Childcare Supervision Essay Sample

Frederick Taylor was the first person to introduce motivational theories at the workplace. He is known to be the Father of Scientific Management theories of motivation of workers and staff management.

The following essay sample shall focus upon the scientific principles of management and motivation of the childcare employees at their place of work by the childcare supervisor or manager. This sample will explain the F. W. Taylor scientific motivational theory in relation to childcare services.

F. W. Taylor Scientific Motivational Theory in respect of Childcare Supervision Essay Sample

Sir Frederick Taylor brought a scientific approach to the work and productivity of the workers and employees. He believed religiously on certain principles of workplace motivation that can also be applied in childcare services and supervision.

Some of the theories believed by F. W. Taylor in relation to childcare employees working in a childcare setting are:-

  1. Childcare workers are not competitive and rather considered to be lethargic as they do not enjoy doing their job. Their work needs to be closely monitored and controlled in this case by the childcare supervisor.
  2. Such childcare workers must be given proper orientation, guidance and training by the management so that their work efficiency increases.
  3. The work of the childcare employees should be divided and segregated in such a way so that the work gets manageable.
  4. As a result of the division of work and responsibilities of the child care workers or employees, the productivity of them and the production of the business expands rapidly. Employee performance can be easily enhanced through this scientific motivational theory of Taylor.

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Major principle elements  of Frederick Taylor’s scientific motivational theory in the childcare supervision 

Frederick Taylor’s scientific motivational theory follows an autocratic rule of leadership style. It means the authority or control over the employees or workers is centralised or authoritative in nature. The flow of command and instructions given to the childcare employees is from one single centralised authority. Childcare supervisor controls their actions and monitors the performance of childcare employees.

This form of the motivation of the workers can be considered obsolete but is still applied in various industrial places. It may not be a very effective process of motivation for all forms of organizations but can be used where there is a labor-intensive competitive market. This ensures optimum utilization of the organizational resources with minimum costs.

The principles of Scientific management theory of motivation of Taylor that can be applied in childcare settings are:-

1. Science and not the rule of thumb 

  • Taylor had a scientific approach to the study of jobs of childcare employees. An effective study of the job of workers can increase their efficiency at work.
  • Time and motion studies of scientific principles are applied to the effective study of work. It studies how childcare services can be provided to children in different ways and methods. Efficiency at work proves that there are high productivity and performance of the childcare employees.
  • The supervisor could train the employees to perform their tasks in a certain method or technique which is found to be the most appropriate, effective, and cost-efficient.

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2. Scientific training of the childcare employees 

  • Employees should be trained in a scientific way. The techniques and methods of childcare services should be scientifically proven. It must teach childcare workers to teach and how to take care of the children and provide them with even nursing services.
  • Childcare staff must keep their individual interests or needs aside while performing their job. Their services should be in the best interests of the children and paid on the basis of the quality of services provided by them.

3. Ensuring the most effective ways of working by the childcare employees 

  • There are majorly two ways of ensuring the efficiency of work of the childcare employees. The first is the monitoring of work performance and the second is cooperation by the employees.
  • Close monitoring of the work of the childcare employees must be done by the supervisor or manager. It increases the productivity level and efficiency of work while motivating the employees.
  • Childcare employees must work in cooperation with each other and build an effective team with other staff members by increasing efficiency at work.

4. Division of work between the supervisor and the childcare workers

  • Childcare supervisor shall be responsible for the development of the processes, work techniques, methodology and close monitoring of the employee’s work performance.
  • Work should be divided into proper time slots and scheduled so that employees could manage their work and balance work and life.
  • Taylor argued that each employee should be given a specialized task according to their work talent. Such processes should be specifically allowed by childcare supervisors to the employees to perform their work duties.
  • Efficient childcare services could be provided by following a proper management process. They are responsible for the efficient delivery of work to the supervisor.

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5. Childcare Employees to be paid on the basis of results

  • A result-oriented payment must be made to the employees. It is considered that only money is the factor for employee motivation and performance. The childcare employees to be paid on the basis of the production of business or services that are delivered to the children.
  • Piece-rate pay is used for the worker’s motivation in the industries. It means their payment is made on the quantity or rate of the pieces produced by them.

Criticism of Taylor’s scientific motivational theory 

  • This theory can be used only in certain processes of work. Since the workers can just take commands from the supervisor and work upon them. Their work gets repetitive and monotonous which can decrease their interest in their jobs leading to layoffs of workers.
  • It benefits the organization more than the workers. As a result of these layoffs, it can lead to workers’ strikes and lockouts which will affect the business.
  • It is a dehumanizing practise of taking commands from a supervisor or manager and work completely according to their expectations. It does not promote any flexibility of workers choice and demands and demoralizing them to work.

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Sample written above mentions the F. W. Taylor scientific motivational theory and its principles that could be applied to the childcare services.

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