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Report writing sample on factors impacting psychological development of the child

Child psychology, which is the main branch of psychology, focuses on the mind and behavior of children from early childhood through adolescence. The subject not only deals with how children grow physically, but it observes significant changes in their emotional, mental, and social development as well. The students get confused about whether early experiences of child matters or whether nature plays a more significant role in child development. However, it becomes beneficial for Irish students to take help from expert essay writers for developing a flawless essay paper.

Psychological development of the child involves much more than the influences of personal characteristics and genetics that arise within an individual. The different factors contribute to child development and recognize the effect of school, self-esteem, and parenting in their growth. It can be environmental factors, social, factors, culture, family support, schooling, and many more which contribute to the psychological development of the child. Generally, child psychology empowers various topics and defines the importance of significant factors that contribute to child development. The college students can ask to write my essay for me for the team of professional writers of Ireland.

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Major factors that impact the psychological development of the child

  • Socioeconomic factors: Social class plays a critical role in determining child development. The socioeconomic status is based upon various factors which include how much a family earns, how much education people have, and the job which they hold. Children raised in households with a functional socioeconomic status can access opportunities as compared to lower socioeconomic status.
  • Culture: The culture in which a child lives contributes a set of customs, values, ways of living, and shared assumptions that influence the development of the child. It plays a crucial role in how a child relates to their parents and the type of education which they receive.
  • Prenatal factors: The child development begins during infancy, and that is why; prenatal period is considered a crucial part of the child development process. It is a time of remarkable change which helps in setting the significant stage for future psychological development. Over the course of the prenatal period, the brain of the child starts developing. However, the changes are more visible during the early childhood years.
  • Biological factors: The treatment and support provided by families determine the psychological development of the child. It is because the children’s behavior and state of mind are directly linked with the warmth and love which they receive from their parents. Along with it, the expression of children’s caregivers also matters in psychological development. Thus, every factor in the children’s surroundings has an impact on the growing minds.
  • Language: Child development starts from early childhood, and therefore, children learn what they listen, see, and observe in the early stage. Language changes begin after the age of six when the child starts going to school. At this stage, the child is curious to observe new things and explore the world. It enhances language development among the child and contributes to their psychological development.

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Sample report writing on the psychological development of the child

Title: How cognitive development related to the psychological development of the child?

Cognitive development suggests critical changes in understanding and learning skills when the child grows. Children take an active role in the process of learning and curious about the world when they start interacting with others. When a child begins building a bond with others, they can enhance existing knowledge, add new theories, and adapt various ideas. It shows how cognitive development affects the learning skills of the child and promotes the psychological development of the child.

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