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Sample on Factors influence Personality Development of the Adolescent Essay

Personality development refers to the development of the structured pattern of attitudes as well as behaviours that makes an individual distinctive. Personality Development in adolescents comes out through the interaction of biological maturation, social influencers, and the representation of the children with the social world. The interaction of children with others develops social understanding, personality growth, and emotional competence in early childhood. The students studying human development FETAC Level 5 course enhance student’s learning and understanding of personality development from childhood to adolescence.

Sample on Factors influence Personality Development of the Adolescent Essay

Generally, personality development happens through the continuing interaction of character, environment, and temperament. There are no genes that indicate personality traits; however, there are some genes that control the nervous system development and thus control behavior. Erikson’s theory of personal development helps students in studying different personality development stages from childhood to adolescents. The students of Ireland can study the effect of environment and culture on individual personality development while preparing FETAC Level 5 assignment on human development.

Stages of personality development


During the initial years of life, the child goes through the first stage of personality development. The infant who gets love and is well-nurtured can develop trust and high security in life. On the contrary, a child who gets badly handled by their adults or experience poor behaviour can become insecure.


In-between 18 months to two years, the child experience the second stage of personality development. It generally deals with learning autonomy and parenting affects the overall development of the child. If well-parented then the child can gain self-confidence and if poorly treated then they can learn negativism and stubbornness.

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During the play age, the third stage of personality development starts. In this stage, the child learns how to imagine things, broaden skills through active fantasy and play, cooperate with others, and many more. If the students face negligence then they can become fearful or guilty about several things.


The fourth stage of personality development occurs during the school-age when the child interacts with others and learns new skills. The child gets a chance to learn basic intellectual skills including reading, arithmetic, team sports, and many more. It is the stage when a need for self-discipline increases.


It is the stage of personality development in adolescence and occurs from 13 or 14 years of age. Children start developing maturity among them to achieve desired goals. They learn creative skills and take participate in various activities. Social activities become a crucial part of an adult’s life where they meet people, make new friends, share their thoughts, present their opinions, and seek new opportunities to progress in life.

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Essay sample on factors that influence personality development of the adolescent

Title: What factors affect children’s personality development?

Different types of personality development get affected by social, biological, and environmental factors. The physique of a child is mainly dependent on biological or non-genetic factors. The malnutrition of the mother generally affects the body shape of the unborn baby including emotional buildup and temperamental. Though the mental condition of the mother does not straightforwardly affect the emotional conditions of the child, it affects indirectly.

Apart from the biological aspect, several other factors are affecting the personality development of a child. The social factors affect the physique and psychological characteristics. Moreover, the family plays a crucial role in the emotional development of the child. The treatment that a child receives during the early stage of life, decides whether they grow into a healthy adolescent or aggressive individual. School also serves as a vital platform in the personality development of children where they experience ups and downs and learn how to face new challenges.

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