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Factors Impacting on Children’s Health and well-being – Family Structure Essay

Most people are aware of the fact that children need food, shelter, and love to live healthy and happy life. However, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to children’s health and well-being.

The overall well-being of children can be affected by family status, community, educational environment, and the state in which they are raised. The students of Ireland preparing for childcare essay should research in-depth the critical factors which contribute to the overall health of the child. However, if the students are not able to make academic essays on their own, then they can take help from the top assignment makers of Ireland.

Factors Impacting on Children's Health and well-being - Family Structure Essay

When it comes to the social issues affecting children’s well-being, then it refers to the quality of people’s lives.

Children need supportive services to learn and develop, which include cognitive and emotional development. School is the key area where the child experiences positive as well as negative experiences. Thus, the school environment also plays a critical role in children’s health. Moreover, children need a stable and positive relationship with their friends and family members to grow independently. The students can ask to write me an essay for the team of expert writing services.

What factors contribute to the overall well-being of the child?

  • Educational factors: Such factors can affect the post-secondary plans of the children’s well-being and signify their growth. Early childhood is the crucial time that serves as a foundation for the successful learning of children. The child getting proper education knows the importance of participating in healthy activities. Education plays a crucial role in developing a child’s future and thus impacts children’s well-being.
  • Health factors: Efficient health factors can contribute to the overall development of children. Health can be determined by various factors such as personal behavior, access to quality health care, and many more. Access to good healthcare, along with proper nutrition, serves as critical keys to ensuring that the child is healthy. Parents need to provide their children with a balanced diet to enhance their growth so that they can become healthy adults.
  • Family factors: The child who gets proper support from their families can grow effectively. Trust is a crucial factor in building strong relationships between the child and their families. People having low incomes can suffer from poverty due to which the child remains illiterate, along with poor health. Low-income families can face challenges such as unsafe housing, less time for exercising, and a lack of child development activities. Moreover, the child who gets supportive services and positivity in their surroundings can grow faster.

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Sample on factors Impacting Children’s Health and well-being

Title: How can a socioeconomic status impact the health and well-being of the child?

The status of the family in the society does include not only income but also other factors such as occupational prestige, educational attainment, and subjective perceptions of social class. It can embrace the quality of life attributes along with opportunities afforded to children within society. Moreover, lower levels of socioeconomic status can increase the rates of anxiety, substance abuse, depression, and episodic drinking among youth.

Children’s health needs to maintain family status within society. It is because children in impoverished settings are more likely to remain absent from school through their educational experiences. Thus, socioeconomic status plays a significant role in maintaining children learning and development.

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