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Fast Fashion Impact on the Environment and the Society Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment and society.

Fashion is a representation or the reflection of the people living in the society during a particular era or time period. Fast fashion is a term that is used for describing the high volume of production, high turnover with low production costs. This term is mainly focused on environmental sustainability and awareness.

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Fast fashion includes a system of fast designing, production, marketing and distribution of products to allow the consumers to get fashion variety at low prices. These fast fashion companies are able to produce mass clothes at a cheap price to meet the needs of the consumers in the fashion.

The fast fashion trend has a major impact on the environment and society overall.

Impact of Fast Fashion on the Environment 

  • The fashion industry is claimed to be the second most polluting industry in the world. It easily moves from the consumers to landfills as garbage after its production. The process of production is very dirty as it the factories producing such clothes dumps poisonous wastewater into the water bodies. It also generates greenhouse gas indiscriminately during the process of production.
  • The factories producing fashion clothes produce a total of 10% of total global emissions which can dry the water sources and pollute the other resources like textiles are being dumped into the landfills.

The washing and cheap dying of clothes releases tonnes of microfibers into the ocean along with plastic. The fashion industry pollutants are mostly in the form of dyeing, finishing, yarn preparation, and fiber production.

Yarn production has a major impact on the freshwater sources and ecosystem where the resources get depleted and also a fossil fuel energy.

  • Fast fashion impacts the quality of resources, depletes the nonrenewable resources, usage of water massively, and increases the emissions of greenhouse gases. This industry consumes gallons of water for its production.

Where 700 gallons of water is used for the production of one cotton shirt while 2000 gallons of water is used for producing a pair of jeans or shirts.

  • Dyeing of textile is considered to be the second major reason for water pollution where the leftover water from the dyeing process is dumped into the water bodies. 20% of drinking water is found to be contaminated.

The big fashion brands use nylon, fibers, polyesters, acrylic, and many types of synthetic fibers which take around a hundred years to biodegrade.

  • The production of leather needs a huge amount of land, water, fossil fuels, and livestock which also includes the tanning process. The tanning process uses various harmful chemicals such as oils, dyes, and other coal tar derivatives which are not biodegradable and that can easily contaminate the water resources.
  • Cotton is produced at a larger scale in the fashion industry which is not considered environmentally friendly as a greater amount of pesticides is used during cotton production which can pose health threats to the farmers.
  • Plastic fibers are converted into textiles that use a large amount of petroleum and other harmful chemicals. The fashion industries must replace these harmful substances with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, hemp, and silk.
  • There are thousands of different types of chemicals which are used in these industries which can cause cancer and other deadly diseases among humans and animals.

The toxic chemicals when exposed to the air it can cause breathing problems. It destroys the quality of water and other natural resources which can destroy our agricultural lands and irrigation system. These chemical-covered garments cause skin damage as well.

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Impact of Fast Fashion on the Society

  • Fast fashion poses many social issues, especially in developing economies. There is evidentiary proof from the survey that young women and children are forced into labor as the production and labor cost is low in these countries.

Production done rapidly makes the sales and profits supersede the welfare of humans. It has high labor and low capital intensive industry where the labor is cheap with lenient laws and regulations.

  • Majority of the fast fashion is produced only in developing countries that have poor labor laws and human rights protection laws. As a result of it, there is a forced labor market in the poor European and Asian countries where their rights and life is always at a higher risk.
  • They work in dangerous working conditions which are more prone to fire accidents, collapses, and any pandemic outbreak which is extremely dangerous for workers working in the garment industries.
  • The fashion industry employs millions of people around the globe out of which 80% of the employees are young females.

They frequently face abuses, violence, and harassment with terrible working conditions of no proper drinking facility and sanitation. They usually make wages that are not sufficient for their survival.

  • Fire accidents are very common in these industries especially in the textile industry where each year hundreds of people get killed.

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The above essay sample focuses on the impact of fast fashion on the environment and society.

Environmental Studies FETAC Level 5, Biodiversity and Natural Environment QQI Level 5, Social Studies QQI Level 5, Community and Social Care QQI Level 5 students can read this sample to gain knowledge on writing such essays on sociology and environment.

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