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Assignment sample on Feeding Babies and Children

Feeding babies for the initial year of life is an exciting journey for babies as well as parents. Breastfeeding serves as one of the healthiest starts for infants. It gives protection against chronic diseases such as type 1 and type 2 diseases, infection, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more. Additionally, breastfeeding helps in improving cognitive development.

Assignment sample on Feeding Babies and Children

In Ireland, it is highly suggested that infants get breastfed until 6 months from birth when solid foods get introduced. It can be further continued until 12 months of age or after that as long as the child and mother desire. Attachment grows as parents go about their daily routines with children. Feeding kids is all about nutrition, sharing and learning, development, and curiosity. With the right start, parents can help their children to develop a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

Feeding babies for the initial 6 months

For the first 6 months of life, babies breastfeeding will get what they need from the milk of their mothers. It enables babies to get a daily supplement of vitamin D available as drops. The milk contains the quality and right amount of nutrients that meet the needs of babies. Additionally, breast milk includes crucial antibodies along with other immune factors that help in preventing babies from illness and other diseases.

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Feeding babies solid foods

After 6 months of age, most babies get ready to digest solid foods. Mothers can continue to breastfeed their babies along with other foods as long as they feel comfortable. Parents will identify that their baby is ready to start other foods:

  • When children become capable to sit up without support, having good control of their neck muscles, and leaning forward.
  • When the toddlers gain the ability to pick up food on their own and put it in their mouths. The mother can serve solid food from that time to their children.
  • Some children show interest in food while looking at others eating. It initiates the mother to introduce solid foods to their child.

However, all babies are different and some even open their mouths when they see food is coming toward them. It becomes essential to give solid foods after 6 months of age because waiting for more than 6 months can lead to the risk of iron deficiency.

Foods to introduce to children from an early stage of childhood

There are several ways to introduce solid foods to children; however, parents should start with foods that contain iron. One of the crucial elements that babies need for different aspects of development is iron. Parents should serve their children iron-rich foods for at least twice a day. It is highly recommendable that parents give vegetables, milk products, and grain products including iron-fortified infant cereals to their babies after 6 months. After 9 months, parents can give cow’s milk to their children. Moreover, parents should take care that babies do not get more than 25 ounces of milk during the day as too much milk can cause iron deficiency disease named anemia.

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Sample on feeding babies and Children assignment

Title: What foods should babies do not eat?

Babies who get breastfed do not need extra water. When the baby starts consuming other solid foods then parents should offer water occasionally. Moreover, babies do not require drinking juice in the early stage of life. Drinking juice in an excessive amount can become a cause of diarrhea. It decreases the appetite of babies for nutritious foods and causes small stomachs as well. Candies, energy drinks, and soda are some of the sugary drinks that babies should not intake. Honey should also be avoided for babies under a year old and water should be served to babies only when they feel thirsty.

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