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Leadership Style and Qualities of Field Marshal Montgomery Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the personal and professional life of Bernard Law Montgomery, the contribution and role of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in the second world war, and the leadership style and qualities of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

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Bernard Montgomery was born in November 1887 in London. In the year 1889, his father got appointed as the bishop of the British colony Tasmania. Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery after completing his high school education got enrolled as a cadet at the Royal Military Academy in the army in 1907.

After his training completion at military got posted to I Battalion of The Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1908 and got deployed in British Indian. He was being promoted to the rank of lieutenant. He also led the armies into the battles and got victories in World War II.

He served at different command levels and retired after serving at the different posts in the British Army in 1958. He served as the Commander of Allied Forces of British and Canada.

Field Marshal Bernard won many battles in Italy and also earned several military awards and got national recognition for exemplary military leadership qualities and commitment. He turned out to be an excellent military leader who met death in 1976.

Role and Contribution of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery in Second World War 

  • Britain held war against Germany on 3rd September 1939 where Field Marshal Montgomery defeated the troops of Germany and later resumed the duties and responsibilities of the 2 Corps during Operation Dynamo.
  • In July 1940, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery got placed in Command of 5 Corps and then became the Commander of 12 Corps and was given the duty of defending Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.
  • Sir Winston Churchill on August 1942 posted Field Marshal in the command of the army where he had defeated the armed forces of Germany at the battlefield of El Alamein. It was the very first allied victory against Nazi Germany which gave Bernard recognition and was promoted to the rank of General.
  • He returned to Britain in January 1944 and took over the command of the 21 Army Group which comprise of all Allied Forces. Sir Winston Churchill promoted him to the rank of Field Marshal.
  • In 1945, Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery became the Commander in Chief of the British Army.

Meaning of Leadership and Leadership Qualities of Bernard Montgomery 

Leadership is the ultimate quality of a person to be able to lead and manage the team with a common purpose and character. Such a person’s sheer confidence and qualities inspire the rest of the members in the group to perform.

Some of the leadership qualities which were present in Sir Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery are:-

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Field Marshal Montgomery had the ability to predict the future in prior and could take prior actions in relation to any unforeseeable event of the future.

As a Brigade Major, he became a great planner with unimaginable quality of foresight which helped him to integrate and coordinate the operations with combat support forces.

He was a true intellect officer of the Armed Forces as he could predict the future correctly about the World War. As a result of this, he organized many training programs which were highly appreciated by the seniors. He planned in such a way so that there is less casualty in his units.

High Morale

Field Marshal Montgomery was more concerned with the maintenance of high morale and less casualty of the soldiers. He was a highly motivated individual who generated high morale among the group of men. High morale among the soldiers meant more victories in the war.

Good Communication 

An effective and good leader must have the quality of communication skills for helping him convey his message to the others in his team. It helps him to discharge his duties effectively. Being a Commander of the Armed Forces he had to be a good orator, decision-maker, and a messenger of intention to gain the trust of other team members. Field Marshal Montgomery was an excellent speaker who gave impactful speeches to his staff for motivating them.

Professional Knowledge 

A leader must be the master of his field in terms of knowledge and professional experience which would help in instilling confidence among the subordinates. He must be proficient in commanding others for the performance of several tasks.

Field Marshal Montgomery also enhanced his skills and knowledge to assume the command of 8 British Army in 1942. His primary focus was on the millitary training and following a certain code of ethics and discipline to command his forces which led him to his ultimate success.

Intelligence and Vision

This quality of intellect and vision is considered to be fundamental by nature as it helps in bringing the armed forces to defeat the opposition effectively. He had the clear vision to destroy the Germans under Rommel and to become a man with extraordinary vision and intelligence.


Field Marshal Montgomery had the powerful trait of judging the character properly so that he chooses the right kind of men and places them at the right places by suitably selecting them on the basis of performance of certain tasks.

He started appointing a team of officers to discharge the duties effectively. A leader always has the responsibility to make the right judgment in light of intelligence and to make timely decisions.

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The above-written essay sample is written on the leadership qualities and style of Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery.

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