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Four C’s of Management Essay Sample

This essay sample is based on the  Four C’s of Management that ensures good and effective management in an organization. Every organization and business must have a good management process to perform daily tasks and for managing the staff. Good management includes planning, collaboration, effective communication skills, teamwork and improving the interpersonal relationships in the organization.

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Management process is required in every hierarchical level of organization and other areas of work. It could include factories, industries, childcare settings, multinational corporations, companies and organizations etc. Without good and effective management, workers or employees cannot work at their best potential and their productivity at work also suffers.

In order to manage the employees, management requires an authority, accountability and close monitoring of work of the employees. It could help in talent building, innovation and employee development in the organization as it boosts the confidence of the employees.

The 4 C’s of Business Management in an organization 

The following Four C’s or basic elements of the effective and smooth functioning of management in an organization are:-

(1) Critical Thinking and Problem-solving abilities 

An effective and good management process can be ensured when the employees and managers of the organization are good decision-makers. Management must be quick and efficient in the decision-making process while saving time and resources. It also requires a high level of proficiency and problem-solving abilities of employees who are capable of taking appropriate action at the right time. Reasoning and critical thinking abilities of the employees are considered to be a very important aspect for the smooth functioning of the management.

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(2) Communication abilities 

A good and sound communication channel must be introduced into the management process of the organization. To be able to communicate ideas, problems and concerns by the employees are also very vital for management. Effective communication both oral and written helps in synthesizing and transmitting of the ideas from one level of management to another. A free flow of information and effective communication should be possible at every stage of the organization.

It helps in clearing the confusion and doubts regarding the accountability and delivery of work by the employees. If the manager or the supervisor is friendly and easily approachable by nature then it makes the communication process effective. As it allows communication flow and command in one specific direction. A good verbal or non-verbal communication process in an organization makes the management process smooth.

(3) Collaboration and an effective team building 

The ability to work effectively and in coordination with each other in a team is a social skill of an employee. They should be trained and developed to work in collaboration in socially diverse groups. When the employees work in cooperation with each they build a team which enhances their communication and social abilities.

It helps in the exchange of social culture, beliefs and social values amongst the team members which plays a vital role in the learning process. An effective team building leads to a positive output in business production. And also creates strong interpersonal relationships among the members which ensure smooth functioning of the management.

(4) Creativity and innovation 

The managers or supervisors must encourage employees and workers to be more creative and innovative in their work. They must be given challenging roles and tasks on a daily basis by their manager so that it develops their critical and analytical mindset.

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It can also help them to be more creative and innovative in their job as they could come up with new ideas and proposals. Such new ideas could be in the form of new product design or technology that may help the business to grow rapidly. Creativity and innovation will also help the employees at an individual level to develop talent, be more skilful at their job, and contribute to the business of the organization.

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Above sample highlights upon the four C’s of management which is considered to be essential elements of the smooth functioning of business processes and management in an organization. It discusses how employees, managers and staff is responsible for the smooth running of the business.

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