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Gender Identity refers to how individuals experience their own gender. Many Irish students get confused between gender identity and sexual identity. Though both terms seem similar, these are different as gender identity is a complex process that involves cultural, biological, and psychological elements. Understanding the difference between gender and sexual identity is crucial for the students as it allows them to understand themselves and how to relate to others. Along with it, the students should study how gender identity evolves throughout the lifespan of an individual. If the students are not able to prepare an impressive essay, then they can take help from the academic makers of Ireland.

Gender identity is the most profound feeling that one can have about their gender, and the way they can express that individuals behave masculine and feminine. The students should identify how gender identity affects gender stereotypes. With early childhood development, the individual becomes capable of identifying themselves as a boy or girl based on personal and societal factors. Gender identity is the feeling of either femaleness or maleness, which starts developing between the ages of 2 or 3.  The students can ask to write me an essay for the team of Irish expert writers.

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What factors affect Gender identity?

During the initial years, some of the children can think that they can change their gender by changing their lifestyle. However, by the age of 6 or 7, the child realizes that gender is not something that cannot get altered, but it is permanent. The expressions of gender identity are directly linked to a culture that can be expressed through behavior, personal appearance, and clothing. The changes in society and culture can influence gender identity and enforces different pressures from birth to childhood.

Parents help their children in shaping the formation of gender identity by organizing the use of manipulation. Even channeling is a specific tool to direct the attention of the child to gender-specific objects. Activity is one of the efficient ways used by parents to expose their children to gender identity. Throughout the childhood process, peers and teachers act as socializing agents that help in providing standards for gender-role behavior. Moreover, during childhood, parents can use verbal style to describe the general behavior but with different words for girls as well as boys.

Significant influences which contribute to the development of gender identity

  • Gender identity is generally influenced by gender roles introduced by the parents in the children from birth through childhood process.
  • The friends of the child can influence gender identity by providing critical information about the gender role. By granting or withholding approval with others, peers help the child to make decisions.
  • By providing information on gender roles and perceived norms, media also influence gender identity. Most of the students analyze how they should behave according to gender roles through media channels.
  • The information provided by religion can shape adolescent behavior and influence the choices made by children according to gender identity.

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Sample essay on Gender identity

Title: What are the different types of gender role stereotypes?

Personality traits are one of the critical ones among the four gender role stereotypes. It shows independence; feelings of superiority, aggressiveness, and emotional toughness are the male gender role traits. However, compliance and passivity are involved in female role traits. The second type of gender role stereotypes is domestic behavior. Males are regarded as being best for treating household repairs, whereas females are considered as best for providing childcare. Occupation and physical appearance are other types of gender role stereotypes.

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