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Gender Pay Gap in Ireland Essay Sample 

Gender Pay Gap in Ireland Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work shall highlight the gender pay gap in Ireland, statistics of the wages according to gender 2020-21 in Ireland, reasons for paying women less than men, cabinet approaching the gender pay gap legislation proposals, and actions taken up to reduce the gender pay gap.

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The gender pay gap in Ireland is widening up day by day according to the recent research survey. The gap in Ireland was lower than in many of the countries in the world and even in Europe.

The latest Women in Work Index published by PwC analyses the welfare and representation of women in the workplace across the organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries. It was observed that the pay differences between men and women rose from 5.9% to 7.5% by the year 2018.

Women in Work Index included the five indicators for analyzing the gender pay gap and they are – actual payment gap between men and women employees, the difference in labor force participation between men and women, female full-time employment rate, and female unemployment.

Ireland holds the 14th position due to the gap in pays and recorded the biggest decline along with Estonia.

The PwC’s report suggests that increasing the rate of female unemployment in Ireland from 5.3% could boost the GDP in Ireland by 13% or $53 billion. By closing the gender gap in Ireland could boost the total earnings of females in Ireland by 8%.

In the year 2007, the gender pay gap in Ireland was 17.3% while in 2017 it was 14.4% while the gender pay gap across the EU was overall 14.9%.

Reasons of Women Getting Less Paid than Men

An average Irish woman earns 14.4% less than her male counterparts.

The Gender Pay Gap (GPG) is defined as the percentage difference between the average gross hourly earnings for men and women. The Irish GPG has fallen drastically over these years.

  • The difference in the earnings of men and women could be due to education levels, kind of work and number of working hours.
  • In few sectors like the aviation industry is more tend to pay men high pay grades than women as men are majorly employed as pilots while women are being involved in the lower-paid cabin crew jobs.
  • Women also work as part-time employee to meet the family needs and childcare which lowers her savings and earnings and almost 70% of the females have been seen as part-time workers.
  • Ireland have progressed on gender inequality in recent years but have remained persistent in it’s the outcome as women are earning less than men.

A man’s career lasts generally for fourty years while an average career of a woman lasts for 34 years which brings down her savings and income.

  • Due to gender segregation in the labour market, family work life balance and part time work women employees are earning less than men employees.
  • One one hand where the remote working, flexible working hours have facilitated the life of both men and women during this epidemic pandemic. While on the other hand it has increased the workload and additional caring imposed upon women. This has widened the GPG.

Cabinet Approving the Gender Pay Gap Legislation Proposals 

The Cabinet approved to amend the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill to introduce it as a new bill which was published originally in April 2019.

Once Gender Pay Gap Information Bill gets implemented it will need cetain number of employers to publish the differences in payment between men and women including any benefits or bonuses.

The requirement will apply initially to 250 or more employees and will extend overtime to organizations with more than 50 employees. Any reasons for the gender pay gap will be reported.

The proposed amendments to the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill can strengthen the Bill by –

  • Providing a well-defined public body to ensure that the provisions of the bill will get applied to all the public bodies.
  • It shall address the enforcement issues in legislation.

The Gender Pay Gap Information Bill, 2019 was published in April 2019 after passing through the second and committee stage.

On 4th March 2021, the EU Commission published proposals to review the provisions of the Gender Pay Gap Information Bill 2019 and existing employment obligations and entitlements.

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Actions Taken Up To Reduce The Gender Pay Gap

  • The Programme for a Partnership Government included the specific measures to help in reducing the gender pay gap inclusive of review of low pay, gender inequality for appointments at senior posts or promotion and promotion of wage transparency.

The actions taken up under this program for reducing gender pay gap is included in the National Strategy for Women and Girls 2017-2020.

  • On August 2017, Minister of Justice and Equality and Minister of State launched a public consultation on tackling the gender pay gap.

The process of consultation and the summary of responses was published at “Rising to the Challenge – Addressing Ireland’s Gender Pay Gap” on 10th January 2018.

  • The first European Equal Pay Day was held on 5th March 2011 for addressing the issues of gender pay gap.

This date was chosen in specific to mark extra number of days women in Europe must work in 2011 to match the amount of money earned by men in 2010.

An online gender pay pay gap calculator was also launched as part of the initiative to help the employers and employees to help in visualising the pay gap.

  • The Work Equal Campaign which is being sponsored by the training authority SOLAS to highlight the issues of inequality in payment and measures to reduce the pay gap. The pandemic have provided relief to the majority of women and have prooved to be a leveller.

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The above-written essay sample work has focused upon the gender pay gap in Ireland.

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