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Essay sample on Gifted children

Giftedness refers to intellectual ability due to which some of the children display high creativity, musical, artistic, or leadership abilities as compared to other individuals. It is crucial for educators as well as parents to understand that giftedness can come with specific learning abilities that can impact children’s performance at school. In some of the situations, a gifted child needs support to develop their talents. Moreover, it is appropriate for the gifted child to attend a special program or participate in an individual activity that values their expertise. The students can ask to do my essay for me to the team of professional academic writers.

Gifted children have various opportunities for advancement in a school environment that is not only sensitive to their needs but provides efficient stimulation. With the emotional and academic support and access to the right sources, almost every gifted child can achieve their full potential. There are several ways through which the students of Ireland can determine giftedness. It is essential to consider both in and out of school activities such as creativity, behavioral habits, and cognitive abilities while testing giftedness. The students can get high-quality essay paper from the reliable writing services of Ireland.

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How to recognize a gifted child?

  • A gifted child asks many questions:

Generally, a gifted child is curious about their surroundings and can ask detailed questions to gain knowledge. The curiosity of a gifted child can extend the aspects that are outside of the scope of a lesson. However, the activity or curiosity of the gifted child can sometimes become frustrating for parents and other children. Still, it becomes crucial to encourage the child to ask questions and clear their doubts for future growth.

  • A gifted child takes its approach to success:

Some of the children look to please their teachers or friends to finish assignments; however, gifted children find their own way to precede things. The desire of the child to focus on various things helps them to overcome the challenges and finish tasks effectively. In math, a gifted child can solve problems quickly as compared to healthy children. It shows the capability of the child to work alone, and they can easily get lost in their thoughts.

  • A gifted child has a large vocabulary:

The gifted child uses more words, including figurative language and abstract, as compared to their peers. It is because the gifted child has high reading habits and routine to more advanced texts. Along with it, the gifted child has the ability to guess at the meaning of new words that they encounter in the context. It helps the child to communicate easily with adults due to their advanced language skills.

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Sample essay on gifted children for Irish students

Title: Can gifted children face learning difficulties?

The gifted child is alert but sensitive to their environment. Some of the talented children have acute concentration skills, and some can become hyper-focused on activity. However, the child who has dyslexia, ADHD, and much other giftedness can have difficulty in curriculum areas. The gifted child can teach themselves how to read and write before they learn a topic in school. It is a sign of good memory and advanced cognitive learning skills. Moreover, the gifted child can quickly become bored with the school work if they do not find it challenging. If the lesson is repetitive or does not require much practice, then a gifted child can lose their interest in the topic. That is why it is beneficial to ensure that gifted child receives proper care and stimulation in school settings.

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