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Group Supervision Essay Sample 

This sample will highlight upon the benefits of a group supervision and also the role and responsibilities of a group supervisor and his supervisees.

Group supervision shows the supervisory skill of a supervisor to control and manage a group arrangement or a setting. It helps the group members in reflecting upon their work and it’s related issues by using their knowledge and skills.

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It improves both individual and group skills and ability to work together in coordination. Every group member should have individual interests in relation to the common goal of the group.

The goal of a group session is to solve the problems of the group, setting standards of work, taking major decisions and setting up priorities of the group.

Benefits of the group supervision 

  • The members of the team and the group supervisor could learn from the diverse backgrounds, cultures, social values and by sharing of the experiences and knowledge. It gives an individual perspective on different kinds of situations.
  • Group supervision creates a sense of support amongst the employees. It develops the new ways, methods and ideas to deal with problems and situations.
  • It ensures a constructive feedback from the team members and employees about the various issues and concerns faced by them. It helps them to explore different ideas.
  • Group supervision provides a safe and a comfortable atmosphere for any individual discussions on converns and limitations.
  • It also helps in increasing the job satisfaction of the employees and members.
  • Group supervision helps in the enhancement of the communication skills and an effective coordinated team work of the employees.
  • It generates self awareness, an enhancement of knowledge and also leading to low stress stress levels and an increase in problem solving abilities.
  • Such a supervision leads to a strong interpersonal relationships amongst the members of the group.

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Roles and responsibilities of supervisor

With every position comes it’s share of responsibilities and values and the same is applied for the role of a group supervisor in an organization. Some of them are :-

  • An effective leading of the group and sharing of information and knowledge with the other supervisees / employees at work. A supervisor must encourage his supervisees to perform their job diligently and actively in their work.
  • A good supervisor must have an active listening skill. As this skill helps both the parties to actively exchange their thoughts and listen to each other two ways.
  • He has a responsibility to encourage the supervisees or group members to participate and to discuss their individual problems. Though the individual problems must be in relevance with the team goal.
  • Allowing the supervisees to be communicative and participative in major decision making process of the organization. A personal space must be provided to them to think independently and to reflect upon their problems and solutions.
  • A group supervisor must focus upon the group agenda which is the main purpose of building a team.
  • Supervisor must promote strong bonds, formal and informal inter personal relationships, mutual trust and a mutual understanding amongst the employees.

Role and responsibilities of supervisers

  • In order to make a group run smoothly the members or supervisees of a team must work in coordination with each other and must also take commands in it’s direction.
  • Supervisees must be active listeners and a even a better responser. They must listen to the agenda of the group, instructions and commands given by the group supervisor and any information or suggestions of the other members.
  • They must share any information related to their experience or work or anything in the group without being hesitation. Supervisees must be clear in their thoughts and must voice their opinions on every matter.

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  • One must avoid interrupting other members while they’re sharing their valuable knowledge and experience with the team.
  • Other team members should be respected for their views or opinions on any matter. Their differences with others, culture, social values, race etc must be respected by the other supervisees of the team to effectively deliver work together.
  • Avoid any unwanted, unrequired and any time consuming discussions. Any discussions shall strictly adhere to the group agenda.
  • The supervisees should be aware of their duties and responsibilities. Any important and confidential information or discussions held at the meeting should not be passed onto to the third party. This is a basic code of conduct expected from the employees end by the organization.

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Above written essay sample is based upon Group Supervision. It talks about the benefits, roles and responsibilities of a group supervisor and his supervises.

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