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Folic acid food fortification Ireland – Public health nutrition Essay Example

During early pregnancy, the proper intake of folic acid by women can reduce the development of NTD that is; neural tube defects. Various national programs organized by the food safety authority of Ireland(FSAI) show how the fortification of food with folic acid helps in reducing the prevalence of NTDs. The students of Ireland can look at the nursing home food menu sample for writing an outstanding essay.

Folic acid food fortification Ireland - Public health nutrition Essay Example

Neural tube defects arise when the neural tube fails to close in embryonic development, which results in damage to underlying neural tissue. Such congenital disabilities can result in mortality, which depends on the severity of the lesion. By including key issues and challenges in Irish healthcare, the students can present an impressive essay paper. Various education campaigns encourage women to enhance the use of folic acid supplements.

Effects of folic acid fortification on NTD prevention in Ireland

  1. The main aim of folic acid food fortification programs is to reduce the occurrence of neural tube defects and associated mortality.
  2. Folic acid fortification for reducing spina bifida, and neural tube defects vitamin is one of the beneficial public health initiatives.
  3. The supplementation of folic acid does not increase the risk of cognitive disciplines, cardiovascular disease, and many more. There are no adverse effects of taking folic acid supplements.
  4. The reduced rate of NTD benefits not only women but also families by preventing babies from being born with disabling abnormalities.

Various social justice issues in Ireland affect the magnitude of a decrease in neural tube defects prevalence. The most significant decline in the NTD rate has been found in those countries, which once had the highest background rate. In those countries, the number of people who consume fortified foods helps in declining the rate of NTDs. The college students have to find out how folic acid in a multivitamin is enough for preventing NTD.

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How do folic acid fortifications help in NTD Prevention?

It is efficient to measure blood folate concentrations among people to evaluate the effect of folic acid fortification programs. Folic acid foods are beneficial to achieve a reduction in the risk of NTDs. Multiple sources contain folic acid, and with the consumption of such sources, it is easy to achieve a high blood folate concentration.

Some of the sources or lists of folic acid foods:

  • Enriched cereal grain products
  • Supplements
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Various types of fortified food

The implementation of folic acid fortification shows that it is the best pregnancy multivitamin in Ireland in reducing the NTD rate.

Folic acid food fortification Ireland Essay Example

Title: Concerns related to potential adverse effects of folic acid fortification

It is critical to monitor the folic acid fortification program continuously and address the generated emerging concerns. The monitoring of the programs can include surveillance of NTDs, surveys of blood folate concentrations, and other potential adverse effects. Fortification of folic acid and nursing home diet types contribute to the high level of use of folic acid. It is beneficial to assess the sources along with amounts of folic acid consumption.

Many people are taking folic acid for the past several years, and the successful results make it a beneficial supplement. However, there are still some concerns about the safety of folic acid supplements. There is some evidence which reflects the masking of neuropathies. Even there is a link between the intake of too much folic acid in pregnancy and cancer risk, but they do not show any chance.

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