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Example of Health Promotion Nutrition and Exercise Essay for Irish Students

Ireland universities are well known for providing healthcare courses. FETAC organizes healthcare courses in Ireland. QQI is the organization that is the wholesale or the base of the Ireland educational system. The students who are engaged in such courses are needed to a great amount of hard work to get a degree and complete their day-to-day assignments related to health activities.

Example of Health Promotion Nutrition and Exercise Essay for Irish Students

They need to write various health essays on a variety of topics. Here we are providing a sample essay for students on health promotion nutrition and exercise and their importance in the life of human beings for the Irish students to get an idea.

Importance of healthy diet and exercise in our day to day life:

It is very important for a take a healthy diet and do regular exercise in order to keep themselves fit and healthy. It is considered an important determinant of health and sickness.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are also important for the mental and physical well-being of a person. These habits help a person to prevent excess weight gain and in maintaining weight loss.

Also if a person lives a healthy lifestyle, it can help them with better sleeping habits and also keeps their mood good. The physical activity of a person helps them to enhance their brain-related activities, functions, and outcomes.

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Traditionally a fat child is treated as a healthy child, a child who is free from infection. But now it is considered as the result of improper exercise and diet system and treated as obesity or overweight.

According to the reports were given by WHO, the body mass index varying between 25 and 29.99 is taken as overweight.

An over-weighted person is considered as dealing with major chronic diseases that can result in severe complications. The level of obesity in the world reached a worrying level.

30% of the world’s population is overweight or obese. There is an estimation done by the McKinsey Global Institute that this data will be increased to almost half of the total population of the world.

One of the prime reasons for obesity and overweight in a person is an imbalance between energy expenditure and energy intake. People globally have increased their intake of foods that are having highly saturated sugar, salt, and fat.

Also, people globally started an insufficient amount of food that is having substances that can badly impact human health.

Excess weight and obesity are the major reason for presenting many chronic diseases in the world. Therefore it is very important for the global population to understand the importance of making healthy food and doing exercise on a daily basis in order to keep obesity away.

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Good things about exercise and healthy eating habits:

There are many advantages associated with doing exercise daily and having healthy eating habits for a person.

Here we will have a look at some of those good things that are associated with exercising daily and eating healthy food:

  • Exercise helps in enhancing the manpower.
  • Movement helps in melting stress.
  • Exercising on a regular basis gives you energy.
  • It is not that hard to find time for fitness.
  • A fit person can build their relationships more effectively.
  • Exercising helps a person to keep the diseases away.
  • Fitness helps in pumping your heart.
  • Exercising lets a person to eat more.
  • Exercising helps a person to boost performance.
  • Weight loss is not the most important goal.
  • Taking healthy food helps in controlling weight.
  • Healthy food intake enhances the mood of a person.
  • It helps is combating diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, depression, cancer, metabolic syndrome, etc.
  • Habit of taking healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, whole grains, etc enhances the energy of a person.
  • Healthy food intake improve longevity of a person.

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