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Essay sample on Health, Safety and Welfare Act 2005

Various career, as well as technical education centers in Ireland, offers students a great chance to learn vocational skills. They aim to prepare the students for future success by combining education with efficient practical skills that can be used in the workforce.  The students can learn why is it important to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing at work of all employees and employers. The duties of the employees and employers at the worksite are reflected in Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005. The act particulars the functions, as well as roles of the Health and Safety Authority, offers a range of enforcement measures applied, and states penalties.

Essay sample on Health, Safety and Welfare Act 2005

The Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005 has replaced the Safety, Health and Welfare Act 1989 and aims to make further provisions for the health, safety, and welfare of individuals at work. The vocational area in healthcare is becoming more and more renowned in Ireland, with the increase in post-secondary education qualifications. The Act clarifies and promotes the responsibilities of employers, employees, and several other parties concerning health and safety at work.

Objectives of Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005

Career tech centers in Ireland provide a great opportunity for students for learning practical skills that can lead to successful careers instantly upon graduation. A major concentration of vocational training centers is within the field of healthcare. Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005 is something that all students seeking a career in the healthcare sector should be familiar with. Following are the objectives of the Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005:

  • The Act applies to all self-employed, employers, and employees working at the worksite. It places duties on suppliers, manufacturers, designers, and other individuals working in the healthcare center.
  • It introduced protective and preventive measures that should be maintained within the working environment.
  • The Act highlighted the emergencies and serious dangers that must get addressed in the healthcare industries.

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What are the employer duties under the Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005?

The famous health care training programs include certified nursing assistants, dental aides, physical therapy aides, administrative medical aides, radiology aides, and pharmacy aide. By getting vocational training in such fields provides high opportunities for career growth, or as a foundation for further education at a college or university. The students can go through with the extensive duties of employers working in the healthcare sector:

  • The employers have the right to provide instructions, information, supervision, and even training if necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of the employers to provide working systems that are organized, planned, performed, and well-maintained.
  • Employers should prepare and revise emergency plans to ensure safety in the workplace.
  • The employers must make sure that the designated competent persons (section 18) and safety representative (section 25) has the right to use the Risk Assessment and Information from preventive measures.
  • The capabilities of the employees about health, safety, and welfare should be taken into account by employers.

The high school students of Ireland are robustly encouraged to explore their options at career tech or vocational areas. It is an effective and cost-effective way to explore different employment options and duties within the healthcare sector.

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Sample essay on Health, Safety and Welfare Act 2005

Title: How can employers prevent improper conduct and behavior in the workplace?

To prevent horseplay, bullying, harassment, or any kind of misbehavior that acts as a threat to employee’s safety should be addressed through appropriate procedures.  Under the Health, Safety, and Welfare Act 2005, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the employer’s health, welfare, and safety at work. Additionally, employers can put bullying and harassment prevention measures in place to make sure employers feel safe at the worksite.

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