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Health and Safety in Animal Care Room Facility Essay Sample

The purpose of this essay is to highlight the health risks of workers that are associated with animal care rooms. It also includes health and safety measures by healthcare staff and facilities to ensure animal health safety.

There are many health hazards and risks that are involved in the animal care setting or facility. For example – Scratches, Bites, Allergens, zoonoses, protocol-related risks, and general safety hazards.

We will further discuss the various facilities that can be available to ensure safety for animals in a care room setting.

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Facilities to ensure the health and safety of animals in the care room setting 

Care rooms and facilities are to provide different animal care and management programs at their institutions.

It includes activities like animal identification, maintenance of equipment, procurement, and maintaining work hygiene. 

The facilities that are required for animal health safety and hygiene are:-

Satellite Facilities

Satellite facilities involve training of the health staff in rules, animal laws, animal care, maintenance of animals, and the various documentation standards.

It has been established with the purpose of achieving the same task as the main facilities. It includes the veterinary care, husbandry facilities, and hygiene protocol that needs to be maintained.

It is to ensure that animal care standards are appropriate for the housed species of animals. Individual monitoring can be done by a veteran, technician, or by a staff member of the husbandry team.

Cage Sanitation Facilities

This particular facility comes within the ambit of the satellite facility and is used to meet the needs and care of animals.

Carers of animals in care room settings must be capable enough to take correct decisions regarding care.

Satellite facility must have proper mechanical cage washer equipment, installing glassware washer, hand sanitizing, and using a disposable caging washer that can be made to move to the central cage washroom.

Large equipment and machines cannot be removed from the facility that easily for washing them. The sanitizing facility must be provided for the large equipment.

Movement of staff between the animal care facilities and care rooms

Staff and healthcare workers in the facility need to move from one place to another and complete multiple tasks on the same day. Such movement is very common on weekdays and working days as they have to work on many tasks. It includes multiple facilities with different health status.

This can increase the risk of cross-contamination when moving from one facility to another. It involves many health risks and diseases for staff and animals.

Veterinarian and management staff who are responsible for close monitoring of the work and facility. They can devise many health policies to ensure safety in this care room’s facilities.

An order can be made for the entry to care rooms, rooms can be grouped and classified into categories based on the health status of workers. Such rooms can be allotted identification numbers or color-coding to identify high-risk rooms.

Changing of PPE kit, room entry order, maintaining hand hygiene, shower requirements after work is effective methods to prevent cross-contamination.

On working days the staff must try to travel to low health risk zone or room and must follow instructions and procedures to avoid diseases and contamination.

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Traffic patterns, staff, and supply movement 

The movement of traffic pattern depends upon the facility design and health status within an animal care setting. Equipment and personnel moving out from the clean side of cage wash to the other side.

Vet staff will ensure that the traffic pattern can minimize the cross-contamination between the different areas of the facility.

First, they move into the most disease-free rooms which is kept in strict isolation and is free from any harmful viruses and germs. Then they progress to a greater risk room of disease than to the highest risk zone room(Quarantine hazard rooms).

Proper facility design helps in moving people in the correct direction by following a specific traffic pattern and increasing efficiency.

This also does not put staff to high-risk exposure like animal wastes disposal and harmful gases.

The establishment of proper workflows and work policy help in supporting the work goals and reduce the potential risk of transmission of germs and outbreak of disease.

Husbandry Facilities

This facility includes types of caging, food, bedding, and water for each housed animal species.

Types of caging include taking into consideration various factors like animal species, housing needs, number of animals that can be housed per cage, any need for breeding, ventilation requirement, cage strength, and cage washing equipment.

Food quality, it’s handling, storage, and transportation is done by suppliers. It should not be contaminated and must have nutritional value.

Diet quality and standards must be checked by the food suppliers. Manufacture must provide fresh food and ensure that the food content didn’t cross the expiry date. Containers of food must be sanitized for animal health safety.

Water reports must be checked if it meets the set standards for consumption by animals. It should not be contaminated and must have a balanced PH level.

There should be regular health checkups of animals and proper environmental conditions, room temperature, clean equipment, and hygienic room facility to be provided.

Measures by staff for health and safety in the Animal Facility

The workers and staff working in the animal care room and facility are mostly exposed to harmful gases and allergens. It requires high expertise to handle and protect themselves and for that, they can take up certain steps.

  • Such staff should get familiar with the work processes, procedures, and requirements. They must gain knowledge about their work profile.
  • Must ensure order, organization of rooms and cleanliness, hygiene of facilities, and safe use of equipment.
  • They must clean up and shower after the completion of their work.
  • Must create a good and hygienic working environment.
  • They must be aware of emergency situations and be responsible enough to follow the fire instructions.
  • Report accidents on time or any event taking place in the facility.

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The above sample essay is written on health and safety in animal care rooms and facilities. It is a healthcare safety and wellbeing related topic.

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