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healthcare, Aging and the Lifecycle Perspectives of Older Person Essay Sample

From the nursing perspective, it is crucial to have information about the reasons for care and quality of life among the older person. Nursing care of the elderly is one of the reputed courses through which the students can learn how to provide support and maximize the quality of life. Caring for an older person involves the fulfillment of special needs and some basic requirements. The students asking for my assignment services can take help from the professionally written sample provided by expert writers.

healthcare, Aging and the Lifecycle Perspectives of Older Person Essay Sample

In old age, people start facing the deterioration of physical strength, lack of mental stability, and many other problems. The healthcare policies for the elderly encompass services like home care, nursing care, and assisted living. The study of aging and healthcare help college students analyze the attitude lifecycle perspectives affecting the elderly. However, if the students find any process while preparing for report writing, then they can take help from online samples.

Why is it important to understand the process of aging?

The lifecycle is the period from the birth of a child to death which includes a sequence of activities. Aging does not refer to the passage of time. It refers to the manifestation of biological activities and healthy living standards with increasing time. However, the list of care settings for the older person varies from person to person. Gradual or slight changes are common in the aging process. However, dramatic changes found in an older person can indicate serious health problems. By considering the process of aging, the students can learn about the social, biological, and psychological changes found in the older person.

Each phase of life comes with various responsibilities and critical expectations. It is a fact that the roles and responsibilities of an older person vary according to social determinations. Moreover, it is beneficial to understand that aging is not a social phenomenon; instead, it is a biological phenomenon. By taking care of the physical care needs of the older person, the students can present an impressive essay.

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Challenges faced while taking care of the older person in Ireland

Undoubtedly, the process of aging comes with different challenges. The older person has to face changes in biological, intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social activities.

  • One of the significant challenges for the older person is the loss of independence. When an improvement in nursing encourages life expectancy then it becomes easy to fulfill the emotional needs of the elderly.
  • It is easier for nursing professionals to prevent healthcare issues rather than cure the existing problems. Older people face a decrease in the immune system due to which it becomes necessary to care for their basic needs.
  • The aging process results in mental illnesses like depression and dementia among older persons. Some of the people suffering from diseases like heart attacks, strokes, and cancer require support services for the elderly. The lack of physical ability decreases the confidence of the older person.

Sample on healthcare and the lifecycle perspectives of the older person on nursing essay

Title: How can nursing experts help in promoting healthcare among older person?

It is crucial to focus on the multifaceted approach for preventing health problems among older persons. By focusing on the good preventive system like regular medical checkups helps in the early detection of diseases. It is beneficial for the old-aged people to be aware of the possible diseases so that they can start with treatment quickly. The activities of daily living in Ireland should provide excellent support to the older person. It is beneficial to encourage older people for regular exercising, which help in strengthening the immune system.

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