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Henry Fayol Theory in Management for Childcare Supervision Essay Sample 

Following sample is provided to help students learn better about the management principles and it’s an application in the different levels of the organization. It focuses mainly on the Henry Fayol theory in management for childcare supervision.

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Henry Fayol Management Theory is a model principle which is applied for most of the businesses these days. It shows how the management of an organization interacts with its staff. And also how a good management process could lead to an employee’s high productivity level at work.

His management theory has 14 laid down principles that focus upon the work of management and it’s various operations. It also highlights the interpersonal relationships and production plan of a business or an organization.

Managers a hundred years back had very limited resources and tools to develop their management practice. Fayol was the first person to have developed the 14 management principles and production plan in businesses.

Five ways of controlling and managing staff by the childcare supervisor under Henry Fayol theory of management  

There are primarily five ways to control and coordinate childcare employees or staff. To manage them effectively and to expand production of the organization. Those five ways are:-

1. Planning

The management is solely responsible for scheduling and planning the various business processes of the organization. It synchronizes the hierarchial level of management staff. Childcare supervisor needs to plan and manage the staff according to their duties and responsibilities.

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2. Organizing

It means that all the required essential resources are to be collected and organized in order to plan the production on time.

Child care supervisor organizes all the office equipment, furniture, chairs, classroom boards, books etc to make a class function efficiently for children. They also arrange funds and other financial aids to operate the organization effectively.

3. Commanding

The management theory states that the staff or personnel must be encouraged to perform at their best potential. A childcare supervisor should also encourage the employees to perform and complete tasks. He could also innovate new ways and ideas to get the work done by the childcare employees.

4. Coordination

This theory of management in childcare settings ensures that the supervisor could coordinate and create teamwork for important tasks. He must encourage to create healthy personal relationships amongst the employees. The employees must work in cooperation and help each other to face problems and perform their respective work efficiently.

5. Controlling

Child care supervisor must make sure that he acts as a manager or an administrator. He must ensure that his commands are taken seriously and the performance of the employees is evaluated from time to time.

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14 Principles of Henry Fayol Management theory in Childcare Supervision

There are 14 principles of management theory of Henry Fayol that can be applied in a childcare setting by a childcare supervisor. These principles are as follows:-

(1) Division of work 

Specialised child care employees have a great productivity level and could contribute to the production of the organization. Their efficiency level is heightened through the division of work. Skilled and efficient employees have job perfection and perform their duties efficiently by the division of their work responsibility.

(2) Authority 

Managers and childcare supervisors have the authority to order their employees to perform tasks. With a sense of authority responsibilities also comes along with it. Authority could be centralised or decentralized and could be delegated by the supervisor to other responsible staff or colleague. So that the burden or responsibility of work could be divided.

(3) Discipline

Maintaining discipline at work is very important in child care supervision as it may affect the quality of work. An undisciplined environment at work or in the management could lead to a negative impact on a child’s learning and development.

(4) Unity of Command

Child care employees should have only one supervisor to control and command them. As too many authoritative heads may lead to confusion in accountability of work as they don’t know whom to report specifically.

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(5) Unity of Direction

Childcare team must work in coordination with the same objective under one specific supervisor and a plan. The flow of command or accountability should be in one specific direction.

(6) Subordination of individual interests under general interests

Individual interests of an employee should not be allowed to be more important than the team and organizational goal. Individual interests of a supervisor or an employee must be in compliance with the general interests of the team or be even subordinate to it.

(7) Remuneration 

Employees in childcare must get sufficient salary or remuneration for making their ends meet and of their family. This also includes any monetary and non-monetary compensation as well.

(8) Centralization 

This principle refers to centralized authority and decision-making process by the child care employees. There must be an equal balance.

(9) Scalar Chain

Childcare staff must have an awareness of their position and power in the hierarchy of the organization or in the chain of command. They must know where do they stand in the hierarchical level.

(10) Order

The facilities in the childcare workplace must be organized, clean and kept in a good working condition. Even the important manual or computerised documents must be kept in the filing cabinets or folders respectively.

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(11) Equity

Supervisor at the workplace must be fair in treating the staff and need to maintain discipline amongst them. Promotion of equality in the workplace should be one criterion that needs to be taken care of by the supervisor.

(12) Stability of tenure of staff

Supervisor in childcare must ensure that there are fewer layoffs of employees and tracking turnover in the organization. He must promote stability of tenure of personnel.

(13) Initiative 

Employees should be given enough freedom of action and decision making so that they can initiate and execute plans on their own.

(14) Espirit de Corps

Team spirit and Unity must be promoted by the supervisor for his teams working together for a goal.

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This sample above is focused upon the principles of Henry theory in management for Childcare supervision. It could be of great help to the FETAC Level 6, Childcare, Healthcare, Management and Wellbeing students to write assignments on topics related to childcare and management theories.

Above sample could be used for reference to write assignments based on supervision in early childcare, Practical supervision skills, management principles and theories.

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