Homelessness in Ireland – Irish Essay Example on Housing 

Homelessness is a problem of Irish individuals, which include personal and structural factors contributing to an individual becoming homeless. In Ireland, over the years, the government has tried to address the causes of homelessness with various strategies.

It has become necessary to review the implementation of all such acts and the impact of such interferences on the homeless problem. Though it is difficult to research homelessness causes still the students can take help from the solutions to the homeless in Ireland. However, if the students fail to prepare a knowledgeable essay paper then they can take help from expert assignment makers of Ireland.

Leaving state care such as psychiatric hospitals without any safeguards is a bigger factor in an individual becoming homeless.  Focus Ireland, a leading voluntary organization divided homelessness into three broad categories namely; the hidden homeless, the visible homeless, and those at high risk of homelessness.

People who are at high risk of homeless are those who have housing but due to economic difficulties may become homeless. The students can ask can you write my essay on homelessness in Ireland to the team of trained assignment writers.

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What are the major causes of homelessness in Ireland?

  • Structural causes: Unemployment, poverty, and the shortage of money to afford housing are some of the structural causes. Due to the financial crisis in Ireland, many people are now at high risk of becoming homeless. With the increasing unemployment rate, more and more people are experiencing poverty. Additionally, there is a shortage of affordable housing for people with little income.
  • Personal causes: Learning difficulties, mental illness, substance abuse, and other drug uses are reasons due to which people find it difficult to manage accommodation. Mental illness can lead to other problems such as inability to pay rent, losing job, relationship breakdown, and homelessness in Northern Ireland.
  • Institutional causes: People leaving care institutions are at high risk of facing homelessness. Along with it, people leaving mental health institutions who have no place to go, when discharge can become homeless.
  • Relationship causes: Family breakdown or any abusive relationship serves as a major cause due to which people become homeless. Abusive relationships force people to leave their homes whether they have another place to go or not. After facing a dispute with family, many people are not able to pay for accommodation on one income.

How the pandemic leads to an increase in homelessness in Ireland?

To overcome the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is a must. However, for thousands of people living in refuges or emergency homeless accommodation, maintaining social distance is not easy.

Homelessness in Ireland statistics 2020 show a rapid increase due to the impact of pandemic. A more radical approach is required to overcome the major causes and factors contributing to homelessness in Ireland.

Homeless in Ireland 2019, figures show around 10,338 people were homeless and currently, the cases are far much higher. To achieve the major objectives of providing appropriate accommodation inefficient numbers and reducing social housing, it is essential to establish critical strategies. The Irish government must pursue efficient proposals in 2020 to eliminate homelessness and promote housing to people.

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Sample essay on homelessness in Ireland

Title: Is there any solution to homelessness in Ireland?

With the increase in the homeless problems, focusing on critical solutions is quite difficult. Successive governments have failed to help homeless people in Ireland. The services provided by Focus Ireland are becoming stretched beyond the bounded capacity still; a number of people are sleeping on the streets. With the affordable rents and ease to pay conditions can overcome homelessness in Ireland compared to other countries. The topmost approach is to provide homeless people with shelter and support some housing projects.

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