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Homeopathy benefits for mental illness clients

  • Homeopathy is the longest established alternative medicine for mental illness from Europe in the year 1796. When the mainstream medicines did not work and showed harmful effects and the medicines turned out to be ineffective. It usually does not have any side effects.
  • These days the mental health awareness has become the need of the hour due to the pandemic outbreak. Anxiety and depression have become very common amongst people in this stressful period.

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Anxiety is unreasonable inner anguish or discomfort with fear being diagnosed along with it. While depression is a persistent feeling of sadness and numbness that affects our daily lives.

Such patients require the utmost attention and the approach towards them should be sensitive.

Steps to diagnose mental ailments 

  1. All the symptoms should be taken into consideration by a Homeopath doctor including physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. A questionnaire should be handed over to them so that a patient’s image could be understood.
  2. After the proper diagnose of the patient, the best remedy should be suggested by the doctor by the patient’s report. The remedies are mostly natural remedies which are extracted from natural ingredients and sources.
  3. The two processes of remedies are:- Dilution and Shaking. Dilution is a reclining toxic effect and removal of side effects of substances so that the patient remains detoxified and unharmed. While shaking is a dynamic form of remedy.
  4. The focus must be on the patient and not on the disease so that the patient feels cared for.

The various mental health ailments like PTSD, acute stress disorder, trauma anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, autism, OCD, agoraphobia, suicidal tendency, hysteria, and sleep disorders are primarily taken care of effectively by homeopathy medication.

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 Homeopathy medicine and mainstream medication comparison

To find the effective results of Homeopathy medication on mental illness like that of depression research was being conducted in the Centre for Mental Health Community and Research. Out of 165 patients, only 35 patients were on homeopathy medication and they were assessed for around 7 to 12 months at a stretch. Those 35 patients in this time slot showed immense improvement in their health and the rest continued with their medication. The research showed that the herbal and homeopathy medicines are more effective than any other form of medication as they reduce not only symptoms but also their root cause. Homeopathy is a quick recovery therapy and that provides him a life long health benefit.

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Materials used for treatment 

  • Homeopathy Questionaire- the patients who are not comfortable sharing their health symptoms due to social stigma or due to memory loss could fill the questionnaire so that the patient feels secure.
  • Emotional Assessment instruments
  • State-Trait Anxiety Inventory and Depression Inventory are tests that show internal consistency in patients and resilience.
  • Homeopathy Intervention – Only a single dose is recommended for monitoring for anxiety and depression.

Homeopathy questions asked in Medical Webinars

Medical Seminars and Webinars are being regularly conducted mostly for the medical staff, doctors, and patients. The questions that are mostly asked are in relation:-

  • To create a better understanding and awareness about homeopathy medicines and the way it works.
  • Identification of medicines for mental illnesses.
  • How it is different from other forms of health practices.
  • A holistic approach to mental health so that the focus is on addressing the underlying causes and deeper understanding.

Benefits of Homeopathy in comparison to Allopathy and Ayurveda

  • Allopathy offers immediate and temporary relief from pain and ailments. It curbs the symptoms by medicines but does not remove the underlying causes of the disease. In mental health scenario, it removes the symptoms for a short span and a reoccurrence of a depressed mood. It is treated with drugs and medicines which might have some side effects in the future. The treatment is done most quickly.
  • While Ayurveda is an ancient practice of medicine. Though it is a very effective way of treatment but requires a long approach as it includes numerous sessions. The patient is treated with a combination of natural five elements of nature. The patient’s history and health are effectively researched yet are very time-consuming.
  • Homeopathy treatment is not only effective but also heals the patients at ease and eliminates the root cause of the ailment. The duration is mostly more than allopathy but is more effective and fruitful in the long run. It includes certain exercises, the dosage of natural herbs (natural remedy). It changes the human body (physical, mental, spiritual) and is a safe practice. Homeopathy not only examines the patient’s personal and family history effectively but also cure ailments in such a way so that there is no chance of occurrence of a disease.

Personal experience of Homeopathy effects on mental health patients 

  1. I have a friend who was diagnosed with clinical depression, anxiety, fatty liver, type 2 diabetes, PCOD, and thyroid. These collective ailments in her body caused an upheaval of hormones, thereby increasing her cartisol level and making her more depressed. As a result of this, she kept on gaining weight and the condition got worse. After having proper treatment also the results were not very positive. So she switched to complete homeopathy treatment which improved her condition immensely within a span of 6 months. This has also cured her mental health issues of anxiety and clinical depression to a massive extent.
  2. We have a neighbor on the next floor and her mother was diagnosed with blood cancer. She was treated properly and took chemotherapy which made her mother weaker. As we all know a cancer patient has unbearable pain in their last days a particular homeopathy medicine was prescribed to her which made the pain magically tolerable. It also improved her mental stress. Such kinds of medicinal effects in such major diseases could hardly be seen but homeopathy has natural medicines with no side effects.
  3. A client of my mother has a serious OCD issue from her early days. She has an obsessive behavior of doing tasks repeatedly and keeps on washing anything that is being touched by her or by anyone else. She has a habit of washing clothes even in the middle of the night. After having taken Homeopathy medicines like Buforna and Arsenicum album as prescribed by doctors her condition has improved.

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