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Impact of special needs of children on behavior Essay Sample Ireland

Impact of special needs of children on behavior Essay Sample Ireland

This essay sample shall highlight the impact of special needs on the behavior of children and special needs assistance (SNA). Special needs could be in the form of physical, emotional, and developmental needs of a child.

These additional needs are given to those children who are physically disabled or have intellectual learning disabilities. They require special assistance and help to carry out their daily routine and learning.

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Special needs can also include special education of a disabled child who can learn from nonmainstream teaching techniques. Earlier such children were provided an environment of isolation for learning and growth and with the passage of time process has changed. Integrated school education has been introduced for children with additional needs.

Such needs have an impact on the behavior and overall development of a child. The needs should be catered carefully by the parents and carers of the child as they need to be more sensitive with them.

We will further discuss in this sample children with learning disabilities and it’s influence on behavior, types of behavior of children with special needs, causes of such behavior, and methods to control the effect of such behavior.

Children with learning disabilities and impact on behavior 

Children with learning disabilities can have sudden emotional outbursts, loud reactions,s or avoidance of eye contact with others.

Such children can have a negative impact on their learning process as apart from being slow learners they also face anxiety and depression. It can affect their confidence, self-esteem and increase their behavioral stress.

Learning disability could cause emotional frustration in children and adolescents creating confusion and contradiction in behavior. They can perform certain difficult tasks with ease but might face problems in completing even the simplest of work.

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They face problems in group tasks and difficulties in reading which might affect their social relationships and values. Some of the prominent signs of a problem in behavior shown by children with learning disabilities are:-

  • They do not complete school assignments and homework on time.
  • There is no willingness to go to school as they prefer skipping classes.
  • Low self-esteem and passing of self derogatory and critical comments.
  • Blaming teachers for their bad behavior and performance in academics.
  • Low communication with parents and carers.
  • Finding studies and classwork very difficult to complete and understand.
  • Children with learning disabilities are less socially interactive with other children and keep their problems confidential and private. They lack in social and emotional skills.
  • Children with additional needs are more subjected to bullying and peer pressure.
  • They are not very comfortable with the idea of asking for help from others.

Types of the behavior of a child with additional needs 

  • Children with additional needs have a negative influence on their behavior as they become self-harmful and injurious. They’re aggressive in behavior and can physically hurt themselves and others. Banging of door consistently, hair pulling, throwing things, punching, shouting, and screaming loud are some of the behavioral traits of such children.
  • Destructive behavior is created where he wants to destroy every physical object in front of him. Example – furniture, chairs, tables, etc.
  • They eat nonedible items like chalks, stones, papers, pencil leads, metal, etc. They create a habit of chewing on objects.
  • Repetitions of words, speech, and even actions while communicating with others.
  • They create a habit of hitting others and physically injuring them. For instance, banging the heads of other children against the door or wall, attacking them with sharp objects, etc.

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Causes of challenging behavior and influence on child’s development 

  • Negative behavior or influence is caused as a result of boredom and monotony in a child’s life. It encourages him to commit mischief and nuisance activities.
  • Constant feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and depression causes a negative influence in a child’s behavior and growth.
  • Any hormonal changes or imbalance during puberty of a child can affect his mood and behavior.
  • Feeling of sadness, fear, pain, and frustration could lead to a child’s aggressive behavior and discomfort.
  • Lack of care, emotional support, and understanding of a child by parents or carers can cause a negative impact on a child’s development.

Methods to manage a child’s behavior with special needs 

  • A child with additional needs requires special attention and care to manage his behavior. Using simple and plain language for communication is a must. Talking to them in a low-pitched voice is important to calm down the anger and anxiety of such children.
  • Minimizing the physical risk or injury to health by parents or carers is a must. Harmful and dangerous objects must be removed from the close proximity of the child. Keeping pillows so that they don’t hurt their heads.
  • Recognition of early signs of learning disabilities and special needs of children can help in the early detection and treatment of the child.
  • Constant and consistent communication is required to create emotional support and trust in them. Do not try to restrain them physically as it may make them more aggressive.
  • Give praises and rewards for the good work and performance of the child in academics and even in the nonacademic field. This will boost their self-confidence and create a sense of self-worth in such children.

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The above sample is based on the impact of special needs on the behavior of children. This topic deals with behavior management and special needs assistance to children with additional needs.

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