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Importance of Independence in Child Ireland – Child Development Essay Sample

Independent children are competent and capable of taking care of themselves, which makes them different from contingent children. Parents need to understand why independence is important for children. However, independence is not something that the child can gain. It is because children neither have any experience nor the perspective to develop independence. Parents can teach their children about freedom and making their own decisions through child independence theory. Moreover, showing confidence in children’s capabilities help them in making them independent. The students of Ireland who are not able to finish assignments on time can take help from expert writing services.

Importance of Independence in Child Ireland - Child Development Essay Sample

One of the difficult tasks as a parent is to help their children to develop independence. Contingent children rely on other people to get an incentive for facing hard situations. However, independent children can take responsibility for how they act, feel, and think. When the child moves from the total dependence of childhood to adulthood, they need support in a continual process of developing independence. The students come to learn about the process of developing social, emotional, and physical independence among children while preparing for an academic essay. It is beneficial for Irish students to ask academic writers to make their college essay papers.

What is the responsibility of parents in raising independent children?

The major responsibility of parents is to provide an opportunity for their children and support them to pursue their goals themselves. Parents should provide guidance, love, and encouragement in efforts made by their children. It becomes easy for the child to explore achievement activities if parents use rewards and teach their child to be independent quotes. Moreover, parents have to establish a collaborative relationship with their children by considering their children’s ideas. With the proper support and guidance of parents, the child can become a good decision-maker.

Parents should encourage their children to explore the world beyond the sense of safety. It allows the child to test their capabilities and to find a sense of independence and competence. Children should learn how to face challenges and failures in their life. Promoting independence in early childhood to develop their ideas and interests while handling stressful situations helps them to achieve a different outcome. The children should discuss their views with their parents so that they can get proper guidance in life. Thus, it is essential to raise an independent children so that they can take responsibility for both successes and failures in their life.

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How to support children’s growing independence in Ireland?

  • The children should get encouragement for dressing themselves. It helps children to decide which dress color, pattern, and design will suit them perfectly.
  • Parents need to support children’s self-help skills and child development independence. It is beneficial for children if their parents do not help them in every situation. It is crucial in growing independence among children.
  • Parents should suggest alternatives to those things on which the children are not able to work. It is essential to encourage children to express their opinions to articles discussed in newspapers or on television.

Example assignment on the importance of independence in child Ireland

Title: How psychological practices help in developing independence among children?

The children should get love and proper guidance for growing independently. Parents need to fostering independence in preschoolers with psychological means to develop their goals. When parents love and respect their children as independent ones, then they can show confidence in their capabilities. Parents must teach them how they can have control over their lives. It will help parents to raise an independent child. Moreover, independent children can become self-reliant adults by gaining proper confidence.

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