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Dissertation sample on the Influence of Family and Environmental factors on Child Development and Learning

Child development is an interactive process that depends on various factors such as culture, society, family, and environment as well. Children growing up in multiple cultures can receive different inputs from their environment. It becomes essential for Irish students to analyze how different cultures can affect the beliefs and behavior of children. The children’s social environment, such as social relationships has a profound impact on children’s health development. The students of Ireland can take help from professional academic makers for developing an impressive dissertation paper.

The social environment provides efficient support to parents and enhances their capacity to care for children. Families who are well-connected with the networks of supportive individuals are better at coping with factors and to improve child development. The role of family members in providing support to child development is increasing in Ireland. It shows how social relationships between parents and children develop and maintain child learning. The child who has good relations with families can create a sense of belonging and how to cope up with difficult times. Irish students can ask to do my assignment for me to the team of expert writers.

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How cultures affect child development?

Undoubtedly, parents are the ones who help in shaping children’s behavioral skills and prepare them on how to interact with society. There are many ways through which culture can affect child development, and language is one such cultural difference. Parents in different cultures help in modeling children’s thinking patterns as well as behavior.  Moreover, the interaction of children helps the child to learn a variety of socio-cultural rules and a variety of expectations. The young ones can quickly develop a conversational style that resembles their parents.

The child can memorize events differently as they survive in different cultures. Parents can demand obedience from their children while authoritatively interacting with them. Depending on the difference in cultures, the child can stress on their preferences, recall specific events, feelings, and opinions.

How Social environments affect Children’s Development?

The physical surrounding of the child includes housing facilities, healthcare, and education facilities. The nature of the social environment can influence the quality of parenting as well as affect the well-being of the child.

  • The availability of community resources such as knowledge and support, which the child gets within the community, influence their health. If the child is living in a poor community or socio-economically deprived community, then they cannot have a better development.
  • Good social networks associated with informal care and lower levels of social consistency can demotivate child development. It is essential to enforce healthy behaviors among children since their childhood, such as not smoking, avoid substance abuse, and many more.
  • In every society, the child develops relationships with others to achieve their objectives. The expectations, norms, and obligations of any relationship can influence child development.

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Sample on family and environmental factors influence child development and learning

Title: What is the importance of positive family-child interaction on child development?

Environments characterized by lack of facilities, lack of proper space, and other bounds result in poor health outcomes. However, social environments characterized by affordable housing, quality facilities, and many more affect children’s health. The families who understand children’s needs and promote their skills help in improving childhood development. Responsive parenting, as well as better relationships between parents and children, helps in improving child health and development.

However, parents suffering from work-related stress and other environmental constraints can have a negative impact on children. The rules and norms fixed by parents to protect children’s health and thus promote child development.

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