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Prevention of Injury Essay For Irish Students

The following essay will focus upon the prevention techniques for physical injury and risk of reinjury in the same affected area.

Injury has become one of the major causes of killing children and young adults these days. Injury prevention includes such activities that can reduce, prevent or treat injury-related to disability which can cause even death.

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An injury can be general and unintentional which can be caused due to carelessness of the person or due to natural intervention. For example – the risk of spinal cord injury, brain injury, water injuries, fire injuries, injury caused due to any vehicle accident, natural disasters, a sports injury.

Unnatural injuries are caused due to human intervention in the form of any physical violence. For example – suicide, sexual violence, domestic violence, child abuse, youth violence, terrorism, mass killing, genocide.

Physical Injuries can be prevented through various intervention techniques or methods to improve balance and strength. Injury with no history is provided with the primary intervention while injuries which reoccur or have the risk of reinjury requires a secondary intervention.

Strength training programmes and medical interventions can help in the prevention of any muscle or any other physical injury in athletes and even in common people.

Methods or techniques of Injury Prevention 

The techniques which can help in the prevention of injuries mainly in the lower limbs can be through ice treatment, functional & strength training to reduce risk or healing of injuries.

RICE is one particular method which includes Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

  • Rest is a very important criterion for the healing of bodily injuries. Physical labour for continuous long hours can lead to the risk of injury. Therefore, proper rest is very important for the physical healing of the body and injuries.
  • Ice is applied mostly on the area which is affected or injured. It helps in restricting the blood flow by dropping temperature and reducing fluid flow into the area affected. It helps in reducing inflammation and eases pain caused due to injury.
  • Compression is a method which helps in reducing the swelling of the injured area and covers it by using tapes and bandages. It is used as a technique to combat pain by medical professionals. If the injury is not serious such injury healing is also possible at home in the form of first-aid technique.
  • Elevation inhibits fluid flow by using gravity to reduce blood flow to the injured area.

PRICE includes protect, rest, ice, compression and elevation method. This technique is used for injury prevention by protecting the tapes and bandages in the injured area to prevent any further injury.

Prevention of any further or re-injury 

  • To prevent any further re-injury to muscles, ankles or joints warm-up is must before any physical exercise. It helps in reducing the chance of injury to bones and joints or any further injury.
  • Physical exercises promoting balance helps in the emotional and spiritual balance of body and mind as well.

Doing any form of spiritual practice involving body helps in strengthening and movement in the injured area. It reduces the risk of reoccurrence of injury.

  • Strength training and other doctor-prescribed exercises can also improve the risk of injury to ankles and joints. Core stability and strength training help in reducing the risk of reinjury in any part of the body.

One leg squats, reps, pilates, yoga are some of the physical exercises that not only improve the health of a person but also reduce the risk injury of a person.

  • If the injury is not very serious in nature then running could possibly be another option to improve bone health and reduce injury risk.

Precautions must be taken before going for a long run. Using fit and comfortable runners are must and should be changed after every few months. It should be of good brand and quality and must ease the pain caused due to injury.

  • Many research studies on risk injury in sports person prove that eccentric strengthening is very important to reduce the risk of hamstring injury incidence in the football players.
  • To prevent any sports injury in athletes, strapping and bracing is an important technique to prevent any ankle sprain.

It helps those players especially with the one who has a history of ankle instability or replacement. Taping or bracing ankles and joints helps in reducing the risk of reinjury in sportspersons.

  • Loading and training is another risk injury-causing activity in the young players.

Whenever the players return from being injured and have to again start training for their upcoming matches.

It is very important to design training programmes for them carefully so that it does not increase the risk of injury. Physically fitter players with a good diet are usually less prone to any risks and injuries.

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The above essay sample is based on injury prevention methods and techniques to reduce the risk of any reinjury in a person.

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