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 International Business issues in Ireland Essay

Ireland is one of the most reputed and globally connected countries across the world. Its easy transport, geographic location, and the membership of the EU and Euro provide easy access to some of the richest business markets.

Whether it is about running a small business or medium-sized, there are always common challenges and hurdles. Though the Irish economy is robust still, every international business needs to overcome the day-to-day challenges.

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The increasing cost of rents, living standards, and slow wage growth have taken their peal on the finances. At the same time, the financial backing needed to start-up business has become inefficient.

Regulatory compliance and insurances are the major considerations due to which smaller and local businesses in Ireland are struggling. However, tax breaks and resources flow easily towards international corporate businesses that show the why starting business in Ireland is beneficial.

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Common challenges for international business

  • Cash flow: The irregularity in the cash flow makes it hard for international businesses to invest. The cash flow problems can affect financial agreements, profitability, and even the reputation of the firm. Along with it, the limited cash flow can affect the expansion plans and immediate viability of the business.
  • Competition: Dealing with high competition is a part of international business in Ireland. Some of the businesses struggle to maintain their position and some fail to follow the strict guidelines and fail to achieve business goals. If large companies can undercut the increasing competition then they may lack in establishing their business.
  • Company structure: Any individual who is planning to expand their business and remain in a competitive position, then it becomes essential to face the upcoming challenges. The guidelines and governmental laws related to employment laws, safety, and health do not remain the same. With the updates and regular changes occurring in business requirements, it becomes essential to implement certain strategies where resources are met according to needs.
  • Strategy and marketing: When money and time are two focused factors then many businesses lack long term strategy planning. It is not easy to find an efficient time and budget to develop an effective future business strategy. Moreover, marketing is a vital part of a business’s success which requires a unique set of skills. People investing in international business cannot easily afford the highly skilled team and critical skills to enhance their business productivity.

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Sample on international business issues in Ireland

Title: What factors make international business complex in Ireland?

Legislative changes are becoming more common which can serve as an efficient part of the investment. However, some of the businesses struggle with Irish guidelines that will apply post-Brexit. Some of the changes can create difficulty for the firms which are looking to expand their business globally. The main point is to require work by companies and the enhancement in their business reputation.

Accounting and tax requirements coupled with frequent changes are enabling international business professionals to respond positively. Moreover, when expanding the business into a new jurisdiction, leaders should consider some of the factors such as digital control system and continual monitoring, and many more. A robust monitoring process is beneficial to catch a significant process change and help to expand the business.

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