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Ireland Climate Change Policy Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work is based upon Ireland Climate Change Policy, aims of the Climate Action Plan and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2020. It shall also highlight the Climate Change in Ireland and actions taken by Ireland for the Climate Change.

The Irish government have made a draft of Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill 2020. This Bill was introduced to make Ireland climate neutral by the year 2050. Some of the important key elements of the Bill are :-

  • To reduce the greenhouse gases emissions at an average rate of 7% per annum for the next ten years.
  • To set 2050 as the climate target.
  • Strengthen the role of Climate Change Advisory Council.
  • Revising the Climate Action Plan.

The Climate Action Bill is meant for Ireland to make it a global leader in terms of climate plans. It will provide a clear action plan to the businesses, economy and the other communities to drive in the investment and allowing them to reach the climate targets.

This shall help in boosting the  economy by enhancing the job market and by providing a safe, secured and healthy environment for the society. This bill is an important part of the Irish legislation for any Climate Action.

Aims of the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2020 

  • Such Climate Action Bill was introduced to make commitment for net zero greenhouse gases emissions by the year 2050. Such a target can be achieved with the help of National 2050 Climate Objective.

The state transits itself into a climate resilient and climate neutral economy by the end of year 2050.

A climate neutral economy means a sustainable developing economy where the greenhouse gas emissions are balanced and the excessive emission is being reduced.

The 2050 target given by the bill provides direction to Ireland to arrange it’s economy and society.

  • Such a bill will be establishing the system of successive carbon budgets from the next year. It will set targets by allocating emission ceilings to the different sectors and such carbon budget will also include the greenhouse gases emissions. Such a carbon budget shall be allocated after every five years. The first carbon budget will range from 2021-2035.

The sectoral decarbonisation and carbon budgetary process shall provide many ways to drive future investment and job creation in new sectors. It will increase a circular economy, sustainable agriculture, green infrastructure and clean mobility.

  • Such a bill shall provide an annual revision of the Climate Action Plan and Development of a long term National Climate Action Strategy after every decade. This will make better climate action at local and regional levels by developing five year Climate Action Plans with the mitigating measures.

It shall also help in achieving the commitment of climate and an opportunity to adapt. The Climate Change Advisory Council will propose and advise carbon budgets to the Irish government to increase their scientific expertise.

Climate Change in Ireland 2020

Ireland ranking the lowest in terms of climatic condition and facing crisis according to the 2020 Climate Change Performance Index. While most of the European Union member states are trying to reduce their emissions but Ireland has failed to meet the targets of Paris Agreement so far.

It has turned out to be the worst performer amongst all the EU countries. Ireland has made many improvements in terms of generation of renewable energy at the level of government.

The EU has become a role model for climate protection with the measures to achieve the climate target by 2030. It has a good implementation of green deal. Such measures are helping the EU members to make green recovery, adoption of renewable energy, use of such energy and climate policy.

Only a government framework of five year budget plan can help in cutting down the emissions of the greenhouse gases by 2030. Irish government is trying to return Ireland to a more progressive position on the EU climate policy.

Actions Taken by Ireland for Climate Change 

To achieve the first target of the decarbonisation the first National Mitigation Plan was adopted in the year 2017. This plan was criticized due to lack of new policies as the state (Ireland) needed the most fundamental change of climate.

As a result of this the Ministers of Ireland developed a National Development Plan called Project Ireland 2040 which is a Climate Action Plan.

Some group of Irish citizens were established to investigate that how Ireland can be made a leader in tackling the climatic change. After this Ireland became the first country in the world to divest from fossil fuels to promote cleaner energy system.

There were many recommendations from citizens assembly including the 5 year carbon budget plan by a new Climate Action Council. There were other measures which were devised in the form of higher carbon tax, target of net zero emissions and farm emissions by the year 2050.

Ireland made the declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency after UK and is the second country to do that in the world.

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The above written essay sample is based upon the Ireland Climate Change Policy.

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