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National Aviation Policy for Ireland Essay Sample

This essay sample will include the details of the National Aviation Policy of Ireland, its commencement, Irish airlines, and Goals of National Aviation Policy Ireland.

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The National Aviation Policy is a framework of continuous support for the enhancement, growth, and development of the Irish Aviation sector.

The National Aviation Policy of Ireland was launched for the first time by the Irish Minister Paschal Donohoe on 20th August 2015. Firstly, a National Conference was commenced in December 2012 for the purpose of developing the National Aviation Policy.

The Department of Transport, Tourism, and Sport (DTTAS) issued a paper to get consent from the parties who are in favor of the policy. After receiving submissions of the parties it was published in the year February 2013 with a total of 74 submissions.

A Draft of National Aviation Policy was prepared and published in May 2014 after considering the submissions that were submitted.

After the final consultation period that included members of the Aviation industry and from other sectors associated with it.

Further, 70 additional submissions were received and finally, the National Aviation Policy document was developed in the year 2015.

Goals of National Aviation Policy Ireland 

  • National Aviation Policy Ireland has the goal of improving the air connectivity of Ireland through safe and secured measures by generating competition for Irish aviation in the tourism industry. Such air connectivity can be established by meeting the needs of the consumers in the Irish aviation business.
  • Ensuring a great economic contribution of the Irish aviation industry by promoting its growth and development.
  • To improve the job market of the Irish aviation department by placing Ireland as a global leader in the aviation sector.
  • NAPI has the goal of encouraging more number of new air routes and air services in the emerging Irish aviation market.
  • It ensures the safety of the crew and staff members along with the passengers as the number one priority by ensuring that safety regulations are effective, robust, and efficient.
  • Ensuring the best Irish aviation practice to be followed by regulating the economy through a continued investment in the aviation infrastructure at the Irish airports to control and support the air traffic growth.
  • It supports the aircraft leasing and aviation finance sectors to enhance the market position of the Irish air industry.
  • It allows maintaining a safe and innovative general aviation sector and safe environment in support of the Irish aviation industry by maintaining high standards of safety measures.
  • National Aviation Policy Ireland ensures the high quality of the national aviation security system as the standard for sustainability. Aviation sustainability can be maintained by controlling greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution.

The new aircraft of modern technology is to be introduced which will much quieter and help in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and in mitigating the noise pollution.

Through sustainability, the Irish aviation sector needs to consider the long term resilience and an adaptive capacity of airport infrastructure and aviation services against climatic change.

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Airlines in Ireland 

The aviation sector of Ireland is a major contributor to the economy. Ireland is well connected with domestic and international air routes and airlines.

Aer Lingus and Ryanair are the two major airline bases in Ireland. They are the biggest contributors or players in the Irish aviation industry along with some other Irish airlines like Air Contractors, Stobart Air, and City Jet which plays a pivotal role in the aviation business of Ireland.

Ryanair was established in the year 1980s giving tough competition to another major airline called Aer Lingus. Both these airlines have the highest competition in the market by providing over 80% of the seating capacity in Ireland.

These two major airline bases prevailing air competition has ensured resilience of the Irish airlines even in the volatile industry conditions since the year 2008.

The Irish airlines have been growing at a massive rate and giving major competition to the other international markets. They are performing financially better than their counterparts and very much adaptive to market demand and challenges.

Even the domestic aviation market is majorly contributing to the Irish economy and is being significantly recognized by the Irish government and the stakeholders.

The competitive, liberated, and open domestic aviation sector is the best method to deal with the market challenges which helps in maintaining an open aviation market.

The state retains almost 25% of the shares of Aer Lingus airline. The Irish Government continues to hold major shares for the purpose of maximizing economic value and additional capacity by encouraging new air routes and making the sector commercially viable.

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The above-written sample is based on National Aviation Policy for Ireland and it’s goals in the Irish aviation industry.

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