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Julius Caesar as a Military Leader Essay Sample 

The following essay sample work highlights the role of Julius Caesar as the military and political leader of Rome. He was known to be the most influential and powerful person in European history.

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Julius Caesar was born on July 12, 100 B.C., and was assassinated on March 15, 44 B.C. in the Roman capital of Italy. He belonged to the lineage of the goddess Venus into a family of patricians in Italy.

His family was nonconservative, not rich and noninfluential but had an aristocratic family background who did not enjoy any political rights. His father served as a military commander in Rome and his mother was from an influential family in Rome.

Julius Caesar as the Most Powerful and Influential Leader in Roman History 

Julius Caesar was a strong, abled, and confident person who despite no wealth and political influence he joined the Roman military at a very young age. He demonstrated his military abilities very well on the battlefields. Eventually, he built his own personal army.

He conquered Spain and Gaul which later came to be known as France and Belgium. He became the most successful dictator and leader in Roman history within a short span of time.

In 61 B.C. he became the governor of Spain after successful military accomplishments and had a huge army of soldiers as they were paid in land and gold. By 59 and 60 B.C. at 40 years of age, he got elected as consul after defeating the armies of Gaul which led him to become more ambitious.

Caesar spent ten years of his life in the Roman province of Gaul. It was facing troubles from their native tribes and Caesar quashed the rebellions with his strong military command and brought Gaul under the Roman control.

During the work tenure as consul, he brought important reforms for the poor people in Rome, gave land to the military veterans after their services, and imposed strict law against extortion.

In 45 B.C. he was declared as the ‘dictator for life’ and got the title of dictator perpetuity. He brought major changes in the taxation system and brought development in the Roman Republic.

In 44 B.C. there was a rebellion within the senate and a conspiracy against Caesar as the senators were jealous of his growing powers. Senators took turns in stabbing him to death and they were joined by a friend of Caesar popularly known as Brutus. After his death, the Roman Republic became Roman Empire.

Major Accomplishments of Julius Caesar 

Julius Caesar led many important military campaigns in a shorter span of time in his political career. He was the most prominent and influential leader of his time where the conquest of Gaul was the most important one. He ruled Rome as the First Triumvirate and then became the dictator in perpetuity.

Julius Caesar rose from one government position to other

Julius Caesar was an abled leader and he rose from one government rank to another and became the consul of Rome in 59 B.C. In 69 B.C. he became the quaestor,  65 B.C. he became the aedile and in 62 B.C. he became the protector.

He formed a political alliance with Crassus (known to be the wealthiest person in Roman history) and with Pompey who did many military exploits. These three men formed an alliance over Roman Republic which led him to hold the highest political official office in Roman Republic called Consul in 59 B.C.

Caesar as the most powerful man in Rome 

Caesar rose to the greatest power after the death of Crassus in 53 B.C. Pompey aligned with the senate to oppose Caesar which led to the Great Roman Civil War (49-45 B.C.) where Pompey was repeatedly defeated by Caesar. He after crushing the rebellions became the dictator who holds a wide range of powers that cannot be intervened by the other tribunals.

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He made the greatest military accomplishment in Gaul

He won against the native Gaul tribes who were known to be more militarily superior than the Roman army. Caesar took advantage of the internal divisions among the tribes and came out victorious in the Gallic Wars. Rome extended its power to the whole of Gaul (present-day France and Belgium).

His other military campaigns

In 81 B.C. he began his military expedition with the Siege of Mytilene winning the Civic Crown which is the second-highest in military decoration. He invaded Britain twice and placed a king on the throne who is in alliance with Rome.

Caesar also defeated Egyptian pharaoh, Ptolemy XIII, in the battle of Nile in 47 B.C. and placed queen Cleopatra as the Quern of Egypt. All his invasions declared him to be the best military commander in history.

Caesar brought changes in the Roman calender 

Initially, the Roman calendar had 12 months with 355 days, a 13th month was added with 28 days after every few years with the change in seasons. He replaced the Roman calendar with an Egyptian calendar which was regulated by the sun.

He extended 365.25 days in a year and added an intercalary day at the end of February every fourth year. On 1st January 45 B.C. Julian Calendar was started known to be the most predominant calendar in Europe.

He ordered the reconstruction of the ancient cities of Carthage and Corinth

He ordered to build back the ancient city of Carthage during the period of 49 to 44 B.C. This city was plundered and destroyed by the Roman Republic in Third Punic War in 146 B.C. It became the second-largest city in Western Europe by the end of the 1st century. Corinth was another ancient city that was also ordered to be reconstructed along with the construction of the Forum of Caesar and the Temple of Venus Genetrix.

Julius Caesar helped the poor people of Rome 

Caesar improved the financial status of Rome by removing the shortage of coinage and issues of hoarding. He forbade people from holding more than 60,000 sentences in cash per person. He distributed land to 20,000 poor families with more than 3 children.

He helped the army with the issue of settlement and provided jobs and public employment to people. He reduced the rent of the poor people and also imposed duties on the luxury imports encouraging domestic production.

He extended and integrated the external territories of Rome 

He integrated the people of Gaul into the Roman Republic by granting them full citizenship and by 49 B.C. all the inhabitants of Gaul were granted citizenship. After his death, the process of integration was carried out by the first Roman emperor Augustus.

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The above essay sample focuses upon the facts of Julius Caesar and his various military campaigns in Europe.

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