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Late Adulthood Development Essay Sample

Late adulthood often begins at about the age of 65. Various late adulthood development theories suggest that it is crucial to find satisfaction and meaning in life instead of becoming disillusioned. Despite the challenges associated with late adulthood, it has been found that growing old is not essentially related to physical or mental deterioration. Studies have revealed that many old-aged people are happy when engaged in different types of activities. The students preparing essays on late adulthood development can research in-depth about the factors affecting ageism and aspects to promote development in the elderly.

Late Adulthood Development Essay Sample

The disengagement theory on late adulthood states that aging relieves old aged people from difficult roles and responsibilities. It shows that people in late adulthood face withdrawal from society as society opens up new opportunities for younger people. The activity theory contends that late adulthood challenges are normal with aging and activities are crucial to living a quality life. People who remain active physically, emotionally, and socially are capable to adjust better to the process of aging. The essay sample on late adulthood development helps Irish students to understand the physiological challenges and how to overcome them efficiently.

Late Adulthood Essay Sample for College Students

Physical Development in Late Adulthood 

When people get aged they experience a decline in physical strength plus endurance. Several physiological changes occur in late adulthood including a decrease in the neural processes. The circulatory, as well as respiratory systems, become less efficient, and elder people experience changes in gastrointestinal changes. Muscles become weaker during late adulthood unless the elderly perform some exercises.

Late Adulthood Cognitive Development  

The study of cognitive development in late adulthood is quite complex. Neural and motor speeds decrease with ageism due to which old aged people lack in performing day-to-day activities. Intellectual changes in late adulthood lead to a reduction in the ability to perform different activities. Apart from it, dementia is also responsible for the cognitive defects found in old-aged people. Crystallized intelligence is also affected by the increasing age.

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Late Adulthood Retirement

Retirement in late adulthood is the conventional option for many people. Many individuals prefer to work in old age even if they have enough income to maintain a satisfactory living standard. However, people suffering from chronic health issues like hypertension, arthritis, and rheumatism prefer to retire once they get old. It is because such health-related problems interfere with the quality of life and decrease their capability to work.

Death and dying in late adulthood

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross suggested that death and living in late adulthood display the following reactions:

  • Anger: People often get angry if anyone asks their views about death. They claim why should I die and search for reasons to deny their death.
  • Bargaining: Generally people plead to God for more time. Some old-aged people are not able to accept the truth and bargain for more life.
  • Denial: Many people attempt to deny reality. They isolate themselves from the event and avoid what’s happening in society.

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Sample essay on late adulthood for Irish students

Title:  What are changes related to late adulthood physical developments?

Physical activity tends to diminish with the increasing age and individuals who follow regular exercise stay healthy. Late adulthood is a time of physical decline and there are no specific set of rules that decline the changes occurring with aging. Several factors describe changes in late adulthood physical development including vision and hearing loss. The heart becomes more prone to disease and the normal functioning of the body reduces. The changes associated with the brain include shrinkage of nerve cells, slow responses, losses in taste and smell, and many more.

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