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Sample on Leadership and Ethical decision making

Leadership and ethical decision-making modules prepare the students for effective leadership and transformational roles in the organization. Ethical leadership involves leadership that exhibits respect for values and ethics. It offers value to any business by stimulating employees to be encouraged and live up to the company’s ethics. The coursework reflects how ethical leadership directs to reduced turnover rates and greater employee satisfaction. The students get a chance to understand what is ethical decision making and how it is crucial for corporate leaders.

To make ethical and effective decisions, individual or corporate leaders have to understand the systems in which they want to lead. Ethical leadership is crucial for any business success. The organization in which leaders follow ethical decision making expresses a set of principles that are well-understood and considered by everyone. The course explores what role the corporation plays with the various groups in a variety of national and cultural contexts. If the students find any difficulty while developing leadership and ethical decision-making essay then they can consider expert-written samples.

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Ethical Leadership principles

From mentoring to compensation and performance reviews, every element of business highlights the ethical principles. The students and other practitioners of ethical leadership should focus on key principles of ethical leadership:

  • Honesty:

Being dishonest is a kind of lying behavior or not accepting reality. The leaders exhibiting dishonest behavior are responsible for creating an environment of mistrust and disrespect. It can lead to disputes, arguments, and leadership being perceived as non-dependable. As a result, people will start losing faith in dishonest leadership. So, leaders need to behave with honesty.

  • Respect:

Leaders who obey an ethical decision-making process convey respect and value to their peers and employees. Respect means listening to other parties carefully before making any perception or confirming the intrinsic value. The leaders should guide others to become aware of their values and needs so that ethical qualities reach throughout the organization.

  • Justice:

The leaders making ethical decisions are well-concerned with the issues of fairness and justice. The ethical leaders treat everyone equally by introducing justice and fairness in the middle of their decision making. They make a strict rule of never giving certain individuals extraordinary treatment.

  • Community:

Ethical leaders perform with humanity and altruism. They put the welfare of their inferiors high in their esteem and take on activities like mentoring team building, and empowerment behaviors. It shows that ethical leadership helps in building a community.

  • Integrity:

The organizational leaders who act with integrity can support the organization by drawing the attention of ethical and talented employees. Ethical leaders are the ones who have a robust moral purpose and being honest.

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Essay sample on leadership and ethical decision making

Title: What is the role of a leader in ethical decision making?

The leaders should exhibit appropriate and ethical behavior in every aspect of life over time. The main responsibility of the leaders is to create an ethical work culture for other employees. It shows that the working environment is administered by a fair and well-expressed set of rules instead of politics.

Ethical leaders concentrate on the significance of customary values and ethical standards. The leaders should be good communicators while leading meetings, speaking in public, and treating people with fairness, integrity, and trust. The ethical leaders review each decision before implementing it to ensure that ethical decision agrees with the organization’s values. Moreover, leaders cannot tolerate any sort of ethical abuse or disobedience.

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