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Sample on learning Disabilities Essay for Irish students

Learning disability is a condition that can make everyday tasks much more difficult for the child. Children with learning disabilities find it difficult to read, write, and understand directions. Learning disabilities that alter brain functioning and affect cognitive processes related to learning can be due to neurobiological factors or genetic factors. Learning disabilities can also interfere with higher-level skills such as abstract reasoning, time planning, memory, organization, and attention. It is useful for the students to take help from expert Irish writers to develop a high-quality essay paper.

Sample on learning Disabilities Essay for Irish students

Irish students need to analyze that learning disabilities are not learning problems. Learning problems are the result of hearing loss, intellectual disability, visual impairment, and emotional disturbance. Undoubtedly, a research paper on learning disabilities can affect the lives of students beyond academics. It can impact relationships with friends, and families, and even have an impact on the workplace. The students who are preparing child health and well-being assignment can take help from professional writers.

Types of learning disabilities

  • Dyslexia

It can do reading and writing difficult for an individual and affects processing functionality. Dyslexia can cause problems with grammar comprehension, and thus the education of children with learning disabilities is quite difficult.

  • Dyspraxia

It affects the motor skills of an individual. A child with dyspraxia finds it challenging to coordinate with things like holding a spoon or tying the shoelaces. After some years, children may struggle with things like typing and writing. The students need to include common problems associated with dyspraxia like difficulty with eye movements, sensitivity to touch, and smell in learning disability reflective essays.

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  • Non-Verbal learning disabilities

The child with non-verbal learning disabilities has trouble learning facial expressions, body language, and other non-verbal cues. Non-verbal learning disabilities are associated with impairment in visual-spatial organizational memory, motoric skills, and different social abilities. However, children with a learning disability have a strong reading recognition ability.

  • Dysgraphia

It affects children’s writing skills. The child with dysgraphia faces different problems like trouble with spelling, bad handwriting, and putting thoughts down on paper.

  • Dyscalculia

Disability is a matter of perception that can affect the ability of a child to solve mathematical problems. It has different symptoms and variant forms which vary from person to person. In small children, it affects their learning capability to count and recognize numbers. When children grow, they find it challenging to solve fundamental math problems and memorize things such as multiplication tables.

  • Specific Reading Comprehension Deficit

It is one of the learning disabilities which can affect the children’s understanding of what they speak or read. Along with it, learning disabilities impact the ability of a child to express themselves with oral language. The child struggle with encoding the meaning of words and become incapable of expressing languages in both written and oral forms.

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Essay writing sample on learning disabilities for students in Ireland

Title: How can parents treat a child with learning disabilities?

Many parents have trouble in finding out the best way of diagnosing a learning disability. It becomes efficient for parents to find out how a child’s learning disability is affecting the learning process.  The parents can research supportive strategies so that they can play an active role in treating learning disabilities among children.

By understanding the special education laws as well as school policies, the parents can make sure that their child is working effectively. Along with it, parents must give proper attention to the children’s activities. It is because learning disabilities can lower down the self-esteem of children. Parents need to keep an eye on moodiness and loss of interest in the usual activities of their children.

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