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LW252 Criminal Law II Assignment Example Maynooth University Ireland

This module aims to provide an understanding of these laws that protect individuals from committing crimes and focuses on the social, moral, and political forces behind crime in Ireland.

It is designed to encourage students of all backgrounds an understanding of how these laws come together with procedures shaping them so that they can be better prepared should their lives ever take a turn towards criminal activity or something worse like being charged as one. There is a strong focus on research, case analysis, and problem-solving. Key topics include aspects of criminal procedure, criminal law theory, early crimes, public order crimes, capacity defense, and general defense.

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Assessment Answers of Criminal Law II (LW252)

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On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

Assignment Task 1: Display an in-depth knowledge of the range of criminal law defenses and specific offenses covered, and an ability to construct or dissect a legal argument as to their existence in a given set of facts

There are many different types of crimes, each with a variety of defenses that can be used. It is important to know the specific defenses available for each type of crime, as well as the facts that would support using those defenses. For example, the defense of necessity is likely not available for regular assault cases (where someone hits another but does not cause any injury), but it might be applicable for a case where someone had to defend themselves from an attacker and had to hit that person without causing injury.

The ability to construct or analyze a legal argument as to whether there is a defense available in a set of specific facts is a key skill for any lawyer. This skill requires an understanding of the law, as well as an ability to think critically and apply that law to the specific facts of a case. Lawyers must be able to do this in order to advise their clients on whether they have a defense available, and if so, what that defense is.

Assignment Task 2: Comprehend the principles relating to criminal law defenses, and explain their operation in different circumstances

A key aspect of the defense category is understanding how different defenses operate in relation to one another. For example, if someone were charged with assault, which is an unlawful attempt to cause violent injury to another person, they might argue that their use of force was necessary to defend themselves from harm. If there was enough evidence for this argument, then it would be a defense to the assault charge. It would also mean that the defendant could not be convicted of assault on the basis of self-defense unless it is shown beyond doubt that their actions were not necessary for their own protection.

This involves being able to identify which defense might be applicable to a certain set of facts. It also means being able to explain how that defense operates, meaning knowing what elements would need to be proved or disproved in order for that defense to succeed. Finally, it involves being able to apply the law to the facts. For example, if one was being charged with trespass under the Criminal Damage Act 1991, one would have to show that their entry onto the land did not include an intent to damage any property on that land.

This module will give you an opportunity to develop your legal analysis skills and research skills. When people think of criminal law, they often think of things like murder or theft. However, criminal law is much broader than that. It includes all of the laws that prohibit certain types of behavior. These laws are in place to protect individuals from committing crimes, and to ensure that those who do commit crimes are held accountable. Criminal law also sets forth punishments for those who do commit crimes. These can include fines, imprisonment, and even the death penalty in some cases.

Assignment Task 3: Analyze, debate, and criticize the law in a particular area of crime and draw conclusions as to its effectiveness and fairness

Criminal law is constantly evolving, with new crimes being created and existing laws being amended or repealed. Therefore, it’s important to keep up-to-date on the latest changes in the law for each specific type of crime. As well, there are many issues that lawyers debate constantly, such as whether it should be legal under certain circumstances to harm or even kill another person. While one lawyer might say that it should be legal to defend oneself with lethal force, another might argue the opposite.

Learning about these debates and issues will help you understand what is important to criminal lawyers and why they choose one argument over another in individual cases. It also provides you with a background on which you can base your own thoughts and opinions, which will ultimately help you become a better critical thinker and researcher.

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Assignment Task 4: Interpret a given factual matrix in light of criminal law principles, summarise the main legal issues involved and construct an opinion as to the legal position

When it comes to criminal law, there are often many different factors to consider. For example, in a case of assault, the main issues would be whether or not the defendant caused injury to the victim and whether or not they had a reasonable belief that they were in danger of being harmed. Other factors might include things like provocation and self-defense.

Each case is unique, and it’s important to look at all of the facts before coming to a conclusion about the legal position. However, in general, the law takes into account the fact that people can be provoked into committing crimes, and that self-defense can be a valid defense in certain circumstances. This means that the defendant’s actions might not always be considered criminal, even if they did injure the victim.

Assignment Task 5: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the foundations of criminal law

The foundations of criminal law are laid out in the Constitution of Ireland. These laws are designed to protect individuals against excessive attacks on their personal liberty by the State, as well as protecting them against crimes being committed against them by other people.

The courts have interpreted these laws to mean that before anyone can be convicted for a crime, they must know what is considered criminal behavior under the law, and must have had the intention to commit that crime. As well, the courts have held that the State cannot punish someone for something that was not a crime at the time it was committed. This is known as the principle of legality.

These principles are important in ensuring that individuals are treated fairly under the law. They also serve to protect people from being convicted of crimes that they may not have known were illegal.

Assignment Task 6: Develop the capacity to conduct independent legal research

Learning how to conduct research is an incredibly valuable skill for students who wish to study law. As a lawyer, you will frequently be asked to conduct legal research and analysis on new or complex issues of law. Many of these cases will also be high profile, so the media might get involved and ask questions about your conclusions. It’s therefore important that you are able to defend your views in a way that is logical and thorough.

Being successful in the law requires you to be an independent critical thinker with the ability to come to your own conclusions about legal issues, even if they differ from those of other people. As such, it’s important that students develop their research skills early so that they are able to analyze complex legal issues on their own.

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The assignment sample discussed above is based on LW252 Criminal Law II.

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