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LW292 Advanced Criminal Law Assignment Example Maynooth University Ireland

The module takes a look at the various ways one can defend themselves against criminal charges in Ireland. It starts by exploring the social, moral and political forces that shape criminal law. Then it looks at specific offences and how to defend oneself against them. The module is critical in nature, examining different aspects of criminal procedure, theories of criminal law and the defences available. It is an excellent way to develop an understanding of criminal law in Ireland.

This module provides an in-depth exploration of the criminal law and procedure, as it pertains to Ireland. Students will learn about social norms that underlie this system; what exactly constitutes a “crime” or other offence for which one might be charged?

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On successful completion of the module, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Display an in-depth knowledge of the range of criminal law defences and specific offences covered, and an ability to construct or dissect a legal argument as to their existence in a given set of facts

A successful legal advocate needs to have a deep understanding of the range of criminal law defences and specific offences covered, be able to seamlessly construct or deconstruct an argument as it pertains to any given set of facts. An advocate needs to be well-versed in the rules of evidence and have a clear understanding of how they work. They must also have an excellent grasp of case law, as this will form the backbone of their argument. Finally, somebody might hold themselves out as an expert or professional before the courts, so it’s important to know how to draft a letter of instruction and uphold the standards of professional conduct.

Assignment Activity 2: Comprehend the principles relating to criminal law defences, and explain their operation under different circumstances

There are a variety of criminal law defences available to an accused person, depending on the circumstances of their case. Some common defences are self-defence, insanity, and duress. Each of these defences has its own set of principles that govern how it operates. For example, self-defence must be reasonable in the eyes of the jury. If an act is deemed unreasonable, it cannot be construed as self-defence.

Understand the principles that shape criminal procedure, including how proceedings are initiated and by whom and when someone can be charged with a criminal offence, who might investigate an alleged crime, what process is applicable in court proceedings and how one might defend oneself against charges.

Criminal procedure is the general term used to describe the steps that are followed from the time someone is suspected of committing a crime to the conclusion of the case. It can be complex and often confusing for people who aren’t familiar with it. The aim of criminal procedure is to ensure that a person’s rights are protected at all times, while also ensuring that a fair trial is conducted.

Assignment Activity 3: Analyse, debate and criticise the law in a particular area of crime and draw conclusions as to its effectiveness and fairness

Criminal law is often criticised for being arcane and out of date, but it’s important to realise that criminal law isn’t static. It changes as society progresses and adopts new norms. The way crime is dealt with has changed greatly over the years, particularly when it comes to how children are treated within the framework of the justice system. Sentences for certain crimes have been reduced in the wake of new research and understanding. It’s important that critical analysis is conducted in order to ensure that the law remains effective and fair.

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Assignment Activity 4: Interpret a given factual matrix in light of criminal law principles, summarise the main legal issues involved and construct an opinion as to the legal position

If someone is suspected of committing a crime, the police will investigate the matter and gather evidence. If they believe that there is enough evidence to support a charge, they will submit a report to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The CPS will then decide whether or not to prosecute the person. If they decide to do so, the person will be charged and will have to appear in court.

They might choose to plead guilty or not guilty. If they plead not guilty, the case will go to trial. At trial, the prosecution will present their evidence and the defence will have an opportunity to respond. The judge or jury will then decide whether or not the person is guilty. If they are found guilty, they will be sentenced by the judge.

If someone is arrested, they have the right to remain silent. They can also speak to a lawyer before deciding whether to answer any questions. The police must inform them of their rights before questioning them.

Assignment Activity 5: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the foundations of criminal law

Criminal law is based on common law, which was developed by judges over many centuries. It’s also based on statutes or acts of parliament. There are three main sources of criminal law: case law (which refers to previous rulings), secondary legislation (regulations and other rules made by government bodies), and primary legislation (acts of parliament).

Defences are exceptions to the general rule that an actus reus will result in criminal liability. The defences may be divided into two categories: excuses, which are usually available for crimes of basic intent, and justifications, which are usually only available for crimes of specific intent. Despite this distinction, many justifications overlap with excuses.

Assignment Activity 6: Develop the capacity to conduct independent legal research:

There are a number of ways to conduct legal research. The most common method is using law libraries, which are found in most universities and some solicitors’ firms. They contain a large collection of legal materials, including case law, statutes, and textbooks.

Another way to conduct legal research is by using the internet. There are a number of online sites that contain legal information, including legislation, case law, journals and articles. Sites, where you can access case reports, are particularly useful.

Some courts now allow people to use electronic devices in court. The types of devices allowed vary from place to place, but they often include smartphones and tablets. Researching cases on these devices is prohibited in some places.

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